I say sad words
with a contented voice
Smile when i cry
Cry when i laugh
Will anybody
hear my call?
Call for help

Im in here.
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Oct 13, 2016

i think i'd like to be

                     but me.

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Can we?
Can we still hear?
Asking the Question,
Can Everybody Still Hear?
We can!

Do we?
Do we still care?
Knowing the Answer,
Does Anybody Still Care?
We do!

Will we?
Will we still go?
Daring the Odds,
Will Somebody Still Show?
We will!

Shall we?
Shall we still dance?
Taking the Chance,
Shall the Children Still Dance?
We shall!

Might we?
Might we still've time
Robbing the Hall Clock,
Might the Fiery Hell's Bells Still Chime?
We might!

Cinquain Poem. 5 Stanzas. Attempted Syllable Count: 2, 4, 6, 8, 2
#hell   #fire   #hear   #question   #ask   #still   #know   #answer   #care   #anybody  

If you were a fish,
I'd want you to swim,
if you were a dish,
I'd want to serve you to him,
If you were a cat,
I'd want you to be free
and if you're life is sad,
I'd want you to be me,

It's like cascading falls,
the way life does go
we're there for a moment,
then we go with the flow,

And if I could be there waiting
To throw you a rope,
I'd wait outside your work
to bring you free cigarettes and dope,

And if I could say everything,
in one little poem,
I'd really want to stress,
that you should never give up hope,

'Cause it's pretty evident,
when seeing the end,
that most get what they want,
and the other's wants tend to bend,

Even if your intentions
are frowned upon by other people,
dope heads still get dope,
even though it is illegal,

I hope those who try
to stop people from doing what they want,
figure out over time,
why they don't have what they want,

and the whole world learns
what you do is what you get,
then moves on,
now knowing how to be peaceful,

Polite dicks,
standing in a circle-
-jerk-ing out a cock
Cock-a-doodle, thinking they all rock

Hopefully they learn
that when you work for the people,
people look back in respect,
and sometimes give what they've been wanting
trying to get by being crooked being evil,

Can I give my sentiments for the right wing?
made up of so many people?
What harm does it do to you?
if people gather under trees or steeple?
do you have to be so feeble?
closed-minded, accidentally evil?

Left wing seems alright,
they sound good to a certain point
but if it was true don't you think
they'd vote no on certain points?

And the Ch*istians moan and cringe,
At perceived evil we have within,
but if they were usually right,
come and show us all the light,

The stoners and they're pot,
stuff they like quite a lot,
when do we admit they're right
when they say "What's so important
that we can't get stoned tonight?"

And the drug users,
though some are stereotype,
when do the rest of us realize
eating anything is a right?

When would we give creedence?
to de-regulation which could free us
which is halted by those who want to defeat us
saying fear each other's freedom

And when will we realize
that when two conflicting views collide
there's another place, another time,
where they both could work just fine

Boiled to generalizations
when you react to the sins of other nations,
people or their relations,
when you apply regulations,
to discourage a practice
and show dispatience,
you usually have to hurt the other person
to get this "justice" type sensation
causing you to "sin"
tempting others to lost their patience
sin against you
pyramid scheme
there's a better way
if you say no
and leave people alone
you don't have to get your hands dirty
forgive and you'd be worthy
of forgiveness of yourself
and you won't pass on this disease that's dirty
and a small portion of the world moves on
even if it's only you,
and says "I saw sin"
"and I let it die so it didn't get to you"

georje naïf
georje naïf
Jun 20, 2015

She who cutted her wrist
And got scars
She who drink
Until she get drunk
She who doesn't care
But with herself
She who hurts anybody
But was so sorry
She who won't listen to anyone
But have regrets
She who feel pain
And hatred
She who seeks attention
And still searching
She who needs Love
Was No One But I

Just Melz
Just Melz
Jun 3, 2015

I just want to be known
I need to be heard
I just want people to remember my name
I'd love to make a difference
     in at least one person's life
I would like my words to resonate within
         at least one soul
I'd love for my rhymes to be the flow
    in which at least one heart beats
I need my life to mean something
I want my poetry to matter
        To anyone
          To  everyone
              To somebody
   To at least one single person

Is that really too much to ask?
#love   #poetry   #life   #heart   #want   #need   #soul   #meaning   #matter   #anybody  
Dec 21, 2014

I wrote this for you
A mere note that you may read from time to time
May be thought as of trash or possibly something that can make you feel
Here is a letter for you to know
Everything will turn out better in the end
Rather than letting everything bottled up; Speak to me
Enlighten me for I am here.

Talk to me? Message me.
#lonely   #talk   #troubled   #anybody  
Oct 15, 2014

I will always cherish, preserve, and remember
Every moment that we spent together
Feelings remained internally lasting forever
Enchanting like a rose in a stormy weather
Embracing my body with your spiritual eyes
My love for you cries, and never dies
My first love the chosen one, my heart pounded
Stayed grounded, for you asking myself why you?
Something about you, captivated my soul
Started loosing self control, my heart went out of control
A seed you planted inside me, slowly beginning to grow
It was a beautiful feeling, closing in your presence
Didnt make any sense to me, as these feelings grew tense
Couldnt explain, I was going insane, your love infused Inevitable pain I gained, your beautys unmatched
Awakening arousal, happiness was my proposal
Your eyes, pink powdered cheeks, pretty lips, nice hips,
Long black hair well taken care everyone stares,
You can not compare, well prepared, clean unique, never Dressing messy, always humble, truly simple, classy sassy
Showing your shining smile, I notice cute dimple, clear without a wrinkle, sweet like candy sprinkles,
Specially gifted never cared what they thought of you
Keeping it true, if only you knew, everything grew,
Ever since I left you alone, my heart formed limestone
Through my veins, to the depths of my bones
I wish we were near reunited, a spark you've ignited
Hoping you will understand & Forever Im your friend
Im sorry for all the tears, my absence through the years, if You need me I promise ill be here, erasing all your fears, Making sure they vanish, quickly disappear My dear, ill do anything to make you smile, for a while At your house learning concepts from the bible, drinking Hot coffee or hot chocolate, donuts hanging out late night, Oh how can I forget, neither will I regret, all those times Everything was fine, loving you was a crime, praying one Day you'll be mine, cuz your my one of a kind <3...

Done & Said
#leave   #what   #you   #think   #free   #do   #to   #feel   #guys   #anybody  
Forgotten Dreams
Forgotten Dreams
Jun 5, 2014

Could somebody please tell the voices to go away...I don't want to hear them any more....

Pregnant , by somebody ,
misfit , another nobody...
Problems coming from everybody..
No way out..
Get rid of the doubt,
prohibiting my insanity....
It's too late, to kill my only baby...
Now I'm stuck with this thing, you call humanity...
End it now...

#humanity   #nobody   #no   #out   #way   #baby   #problems   #somebody   #anybody   #pregnant   #unborn  
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