Talia Grace
Talia Grace
2 days ago

Have you ever loved brown eyes?
Maybe look at them in the sun
See how they become gold
Not a dull gold,
They shine like the sun itself
Hints of browns, golds and dark grays

Try falling in love with someone with brown eyes
Look at their eye
Look and find the stories
The love
The care
Try to look away after locking gazes
Impossible, right?

That little freckle
On the edge of the vibrace
Plunges deeply into my heart
And holds me there
Like it's where I'm meant to be
The warmth of your body,
The love in your eyes
The richness to your voice...
They all hold me close
And tell me that you'll never let go

Deep browns and vivid golds
Tug at my heart strings
And leave me gasping for air
That you return to me with a kiss
Vowing to never let me go

I've always had a thing for brown eyes... I never knew why until a freckle faced boy sat beside me watching the sunset
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3 days ago

My laugh
Is disgusting
Your laugh
Is beautiful.

My eyes
Are dull
Your eyes
Are sparkly and shine.

My hair
Is flat and boring
Your hair
Is full of life.

I'm boring,

You're amazing,

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tell me -- what is hard, wet, and red all over?

exploding ovaries can't stop me
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You're just like
good decaf coffee
because I can
enjoy all of you,
every nuance and
subtlety without
the fear of
getting too wired,
too anxious from
the stimulus.
No, there's
no regret in
enjoying you.

A poem about my wife.

Cliffs of dying coral affronted me as I slipped to the depth,
my heart wept for the inspiring sight it once was.
What it has become is a paragon to man's destruction.
I look for something beautiful.
A painter sat cross-legged on the white sandy bed,
his canvas weighted down, the weights accompanied by two mischievous crabs as he cast his oil paint to the page using his hands.
A masterpiece, to paint the ocean's belly from the inside.
'That's true beauty,' I mouth, watching the silver bubbles escape from me with my dwindling oxygen.

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Marley Brando

So many options,
can’t say too many options,
but honestly what do you do,
when even too much is not enough,


“Were you saying something?,
I feel like I’m in a dream,
I’m asking for affirming,
because I don’t feel a thing…”,

You stare at me with those infinite eyes,
“I feel exactly the same way.”,
then you shift your gaze,
and stare off for eternity,

as that fire inside keeps burning me,

something simmering inside is burning me,

anxious and pacing,
all out of patience,
feeling like a Patient in a Psycho-Ward society,
yes I’m fine so please don’t bother me,
I won’t sign over royalties and no I don’t need notoriety,

I’ll leave that for the words,
and all the flabby flack from the flock of ruffle feathered haters,
waiting in the wings I fly by & leave that for the Birds,
word word word,

words are what we scribe as a Writer of The Times,
words to explain when I’m gone,

words to explain when we’re gone,
when the memories have all faded,
because unless a Tyrant burns the books,
we’ll have our history scribed onto these pages,

lopsided but liberated,
feeling like a rat in a cage,
or a canary in a coalmine,
consumed with the thought to “Just get way.”,

just get away,
I’m already gone anyways,
don’t be fooled by this shell of a body,
I’ve been through Hell so now I’m in The Hills where I party,

Heaven can wait I’m on the Guest-List anyways so I won’t have to waste time at The Gate,

ready to party,
with Jim Morrison and Bob Marley,
and Brando but no Commando,
yeah I’m talking to you Sylvester sorry,

Chaplin for certain,
Sheen well we’ll see,
Janis, Jackson, Kurt and,
Pac and it don’t stop,

does it,
what’s in,
your wallet,
Rest In Peace,
Christopher Wallace,

smoking a chalice,
on Cloud 9 with Marley Brando,
cool as an Ice Cream Sundae,
relaxing watching the world go bananas,


shout out to Gwen,
I spin around and ask,
“What is this,
I meanI know it sounds cliche,
but does any of this really exist?”,

“Oh and where’d my mind go?”,

So many options,
won’t say too many though,
but honestly what do you do,
when even too much is not enough?,


“Were you saying something?,
I feel like I’m in a dream,
I’m asking for affirming,
because I don’t feel a thing…”…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

author of 3 #1 Best Sellers,
& The Poetry Trilogy

Okay Okay Okay, this one I can't say is a True Story... ∆

I see her standing there.
The only thing I notice are her supple pink lips.
The soft flesh peeling away at the seams.
She uses her rose red tongue and in a swirling motion brings life to her once dead canvas.
I wish it was my tongue on her mouth kissing and licking every dry place.
I wish it was my hand on her body caressing up and down her thigh.
I wish it was her face I woke up to every morning.
She fills my mind with wonder and makes my heart swell.
I have yet to know her name, but for now she will be the girl who licks her lips.

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Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
Feb 20

I've heard stories of princesses
Tales of village beauties
But, I haven't seen nothing alike
Until I gazed upon you
                      - My Dear

Feb 18

She's that moment when you can't stop laughing
Partly because you can't and partly because you don't want to
That's what it feels like being around her; it's addicting.
First you want to know her name and next thing you know she's one of your best friends.
She has a face that she's insecure about
But wow does she shine when she's not thinking about little things like looks
When she comes to school "looking like trash", when she eats like nobody's looking, and when she spills out all her emotions to us
I can't help but notice how much more she glows without all the makeup and clothes to hide under
If we compared her to weather
She would be a blizzard in Egypt
She is something that sticks out forever as unique and amazing
Something that everyone will remember
Beautiful like the snowflakes and loved by all in her vicinity.
That's why I can't help but love this girl
She's something that I'll never see again
She loves everyone but needs no one
And that's something I'll never be.
So when she says that she's not beautiful
Because of the opinions of idiot boys who can't handle her, understand her, or are jealous of her
All I can do is look at all the proof sitting in front of me
(c) 2016

This is another one that I had wrote a while ago but I wanted to share it on this website as well as the other one I use.
I would be really grateful if someone would like to give me some advice about this writing!
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Feb 13

I don't write to pretend i'm deep,
I just am

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