1983 -   
Modern Southern
American poet...

Cheers everybody.

art is long,life is short, and success is very far off...
Modern Southern
American poet...

Cheers everybody.

art is long,life is short, and success is very far off...

life at its best
what best is this...?
one more time
i come to you with yesterdays vows
like the rain
pouring down
she awoke with a flinch and a quick grab for the pistol under her cushion
more aware now that life is real
reality bites hard and fast when you lose your loved ones etc...
fears pass through my soul
her hair blows in the breeze like stalks of golden locks
pounding her fist
slamming her head against the wall
things are coming unglued you could say
sound is magnified in this new state of being alive
being alone
left after all the years of teamwork love and hate
i wish i would have paid more attention to the details
not letting so much pass by with idle minds and hands
like the sun that shines
you can believe that you don't know what you have until it is gone...
is it better to have loved and lost than ever loved at all
go figure
life's a wonderfully cruel bitch some may say
believe in your own future as you create in every moment
you continue to breathe.

edited from another work.

another day another dollar
work work work
play play play
= life.....

When the going gets rough what will you do?
Are you a survivor?
Do you know yourself?
What do you know?

Everyone must ask themselves this
Once in a while you may get tested
When life gets real etc etc
Fight or Flight?

Take a stand for what you are
Take a stand for who you are
Be you
Live as if there is no tomorrow

Push it to the limit,
See what you can see
Wash away the filters
Face reality

copyright 2014

WE ALL WILL LIVE FOREVER(take a load off)

take a load off
we all need to remember to do this more often
just let go of it all
let the load fall off your tired and sore shoulders and crumbling backbones
get some rest
"dream a little dream"
give your haggard face and body a break
the bags under the eyes need to be emptied now and again
only if you can.....this can be an issue:
Murphy's Law
"what can go wrong will go wrong"

take a load off
just take time to be a family
take time to be a family member
my family shows its best underneath the load
we seem to need the weight of the world to draw us closer,
and for some to show their true love for each other
God and the universe has gifted me this over the years

we are strong, we are tough, we are tried and true and
we are loyal

take a load off
you can always lean on me
i am like a rock
stubborn by nature
not always pretty but meaning well

take a load off
remember what you have all around you all the time
i have it all if i can just remember the day of the week
i have it all if i can just let go of my demons, my worries etc...
i have it all

it is true that when the cards are down and
the walls are falling in on you and
the ground is shaking
and your mind feels alone
take a load off
GODS is with us everyday of our life here together on earth in this vast space and time hurling like a fastball seeming to be in chaos but in perfect harmony
the opposite of chaos is harmony and with harmony comes music and art and beauty.....
he was before you
he is after you, and
always know we must

take a load off


copyright 2014

Dedicated to my families and all families the same.
Not edited warts and all


I know that you know that I know
we got to go farther this time farther than ever before
push on through
to the other side
body and spirit
sparks shooting like stars in the sky
use the last bottle of whiskey
why not right, just pour it long and thick
lots of ice and the rest is history
follow me to the show
see what life can really be like
open your eyes, your mind eye and all the others
feel the world with a different frame of mind
let the steps push you up the hill....


I have been waiting all week for today....

Apr 15      Apr 16

tonight's the night
we all feed off the world
as it spins around the sun
in its place in the vast space of the universe
the infinite, the creator etc etc

who are we?
how did we get here?

questions that will only be answered by death in my opinion
the greatest mystery of all, the questions will have light shed on them
the day that is your passing.

All the answers come with the soul moving on from the body
the worldly dance ends as we become infinite
along with the stars, the sky, god, and peace

copyright 2014
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