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Modern Southern
American poet...

Cheers everybody.

art is long,life is short, and success is very far off...
Modern Southern
American poet...

Cheers everybody.

art is long,life is short, and success is very far off...
Apr 15      7 days ago

tonight's the night
we all feed off the world
as it spins around the sun
in its place in the vast space of the universe
the infinite, the creator etc etc

who are we?
how did we get here?

questions that will only be answered by death in my opinion
the greatest mystery of all, the questions will have light shed on them
the day that is your passing.

All the answers come with the soul moving on from the body
the worldly dance ends as we become infinite
along with the stars, the sky, god, and peace

copyright 2014
Sep 25, 2013

doing this everyday is a living on its own.
so many times I have to get up and move.
such a struggle to do the things that most people enjoy
enjoy or at least pretend to enjoy to get through the days
work work work
the cup is spilling over
take away my time and restrain my idle hands
my hands made for fun and fun only
I wouldn't harm a fly he said.
Georgia has always been honest with his opinions
maybe to a fault or naivety
he takes another healthy gulp
and carries on with HIS words of wisdom
He had more energy tonight, more vigor in his answers about the old days....


Sep 24, 2013

only two more weeks til the big move.
the move that changes not only my life but the life of many, some
I don't even know yet. some I may never know
the big move
what's it going to bring? "CHANGE!"
a voice from the back of my head yelled out
life is change
life is constant change like it or not
you must learn to go with the flow or you may drown
Everyone drowns at times I hope.
I would think
we are All Human
we are all one
the great equaLizer proves this to be true
fall along the edge of the curve
maybe you should stand as close as you can get
only those who go over the edge truly know what its like to
push it to the limit
the big moves of a lifetime floating on back to remind and move me
the big move is coming, if planned right it should be grand and true
blessed or cursed
we shall see...

Sep 18, 2013

reporting on the words and the voices
inside her head
"we lost another good one" they said,
all blue faced and bruised
too much too much you could say
when the needle touches the grain
life is fragile for all ages,skin,and creed...
the homeless.
they all mourned like cats in the rain
wet and miserable
stead fast
with ambition in stillness
the black cat had a very stoic existance
in this scene of mourning
and scents of many kinds
etc etc
the last time the moon came down this close was this time last year
when we all sat on the one bulb lit back porch of the old joint and treated each other with kindness and cheer
help that you get from your friends.
it was going to be the last time...
she said she was "going to start over brand new"
this was never the ending
ever planned for this life of lamb
the earth knew she would be back to dust as soon as she turned to ash
sooner than later...
life got away from her
the spinnning spirals of life's patterns must have grown too deep...
the colored glass wind chimes ring in the back ground  
birds singing and crying
aloud right on time with the plan
left with many thoughts of the scene
the blue lady
still laying there on her side
right behind the drug store actions all in vein
she really never knew what hit her.
"Even though it was years coming and mostly self imposed"
we all still feel invincible no matter how low life may get
pride never leaves us until our souls are let go of the world and its heavy burdons
"god take my soul"
wash me and make me new
trying to believe "hey kid scram!!" a man that worked at the stored came out and yelled.
so I scurried away to the wharf not skipping a beat.

Sep 18, 2013

I know that you know that I know
we got to go farther this time farther than ever before
push on through
to the other side
body and spirit
sparks shooting like stars in the sky
use the last bottle of whiskey
why not right, just pour it long and thick
lots of ice and the rest is history
follow me to the show
see what life can really be like
open your eyes, your mind eye and all the others
feel the world with a different frame of mind
let the steps push you up the hill....


Sep 15, 2013

In dreams

we all see the things

that we all want to be

who we are

who we think we are

who we want to be...

words to think of at most times...


Sep 7, 2013

the fall of the angels
as they all creep into the fire
we all dance around in circles
overcome by our desires
like the darkest dreams
or the things left inside
we all come to feed
on whatever feeds our mind

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