1983 -   
American poet...
Published in the Library of Congress of the United States of America.

Cheers everybody!
Where there is love there is hope... Wsp

art is long,life is short, and success is very far off...
American poet...
Published in the Library of Congress of the United States of America.

Cheers everybody!
Where there is love there is hope... Wsp

art is long,life is short, and success is very far off...

"This world has become lost on me
What happens when you see what most can't see
Knowledge is power
Ignorance is bliss
Wake up wake up wake up
It's only real if you believe
This worlds not what we think it to be
Knowledge is power
Ignorance is bliss"

copyright 2015

Pride before the the fall

I love all my smile lines

I love them one and all

For each smile line that I wear

Reminds me of a times where I must have had it all

copyright 2015

I have grown so numb to the core
that my bones do not even get sore anymore
Its time to light my path and become illuminated

I'm almost ready to sign over my soul for
money and power and peace of mind
I have what it takes
Society of power
Reverse documentation
Proof etc.

signed over

Life is indeed a divine comedy
This life is comical
its ups and downs
pitfalls and huge cliffs
stand close enough to the ledge that you can see over
stand far enough back so that you don't get a closer look at the ground
watch out for yourself
no body else will
stand tall always
show your teeth
what are you made of?
show your smile
pass it along
smiling is contagious
it can sooth the damage
it can put away the pain even if temporarily
watch out for others
give love always
do all things with love
have courage to step out of the shell
think outside the box
you have your own mind
Use it up
Give back more than you take
share what you have because you may need something someday
enjoy the walk of life
its a hike
up and down
up and down
up and down
always get back up
let the good times roll and the bad roll off your shoulders
love yourself so that others are able to love you
leave others feeling better about themselves
be a leader
be positive
feel the wind across your face and know that you are alive...


*Sprinkling the air with spark and motion of great design
the trees above head keeping watch over the streets.
a stray cat and dog both stroll by like a team or family
dysfunctional but loving.
what will tomorrow bring?
will it be special or dull?
was today what you thought it should be?
i sell space and invisible information.
reaching out and giving people the world
at the push of a button.
the mouse has become the most used animal.
the irony and the bliss of being apart of it all
and hearing the voices of the world,
some happy,
most not.
what will tomorrow bring
Ring ring click Hello.....

About my days in sells.

Hey Worry
anxiety grips at me.
i  can feel it down my back and across my chest like needles.
i feel helpless at times, trapped inside this old body of mine.
not old in years but old in thoughts and worry's.
it creeps in the backdoor of my mind
like an intruder.
i don't want you.
i don't need you here.
why do you always bother me Worry.
why did i get picked.
i have many things.
i am grateful.
yet i am gripped with fears.
i am confident,
i am strong,
i worry all the time.
if i had a dollar for every night i cant sleep,
i would be rich.
money is not the fix
i don't know what is......
i did not create this race
you just have to endure it...
my hands feel a numbness,they ache when the stress comes
i bang them on the walls.
just to feel again.
i plead with myself to stop the torture.
how do you crawl out of you own mind,
just to feel again.
i have to get it off my own mind,
whatever it is.
usually nothing i can control.
sometimes stuff that is not even real
yet bothers me.
the future.
expectations that i put on myself.
blame the world.
i try to fill the void,
i try to stay busy.
running from the anxiety that sits and waits for me around the bend.
waiting for the next time its time to worry again
how do some people just float along.
i am as care free as they come.
yet on the inside i am always in constant thought.
i try and turn off the little voices.
one on each shoulder
both not good to me.
i grow tired of feeling sorry for myself.
so i keep a lot inside, but that's where all my Worries hide.
i get tired of the stress.
to much stress at times to take.
my heart is racing.
sometimes it would be easier to give up
but then what............?

SSeagraves copyright 2011

writers write
no matter the reason behind it
writers write
no matter who will be there to read the words
writers write
no matter the situation at hand
writers write
when they have nothing left to give

sseagraves 2015 copyright
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