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Modern Southern
American poet...

Cheers everybody.

art is long,life is short, and success is very far off...
Modern Southern
American poet...

Cheers everybody.

art is long,life is short, and success is very far off...

sounds of the night
drums pounding in the distance
the crickets all chirping and screaming their songs
for all to hear

the pulse of life is among us all
you can feel it
you are the pulse
you are the bell that sounds off in your mind as you ponder your
the reasons we are here in this body
, in this position
"its only real if you believe " she sang
the fire flys all light up the sky with precision and elegance
the earth is breathing underneath
our feet
i can hear the heart beat of the world
the gasps of the field mouse as the night owl follows its instincts
the day light is among us as it closes in

the darkness is nothing but lost thoughts
push on
till the day comes that you look around and ask
"how did I get here, who am I, what shall I do with this time on my hands"
idle hands ring many bells of discourse
scorched earth
bleeding life
plants all scream in the night as they too are scared at times
the bells keep ringing as the pulse of life pushes us on
our lungs are not ours
they are alive on their own
breathing in and out
the birds are not worried about their next meal
why am I worried so much about tomorrow, yesterday, etc etc
i wanna feel the vibrations as they cascade over my lonely soul
voices and miracles telling me what is to come next in this life
thank you for another day no matter how hard I fight it....

copyright 2015 sseagraves

The mind is nothing short of a gift
the body is a temple for the soul to exist
watch over your body
take care of your mind
open your eyes
open your eyes
The light dances off the walls and bounces into view
Illuminate yourself
Take care of others as you would take care of yourself
Space and time are all one
We are all one vibration
We are all one
I am not me and you are not you
We are one in the same
Take the time to open your thoughts
Look and see what is around you
All the signs are there to be seen with the right eyes
Never take a day for granted
Even the hard days
Take the time to look around and see what the universe is giving you
We are not alone
We are not alone
The vibrations of life are with us
Pushing through to the other side
Open your eyes
Open your eyes
Don't just see what you want
God is all around us no matter who your god is
Life is a gift that we all open with great excitement
Like a toy for a child that we eventually grow tired of
Do not let yourself grow tired

copyright 2015

My arms are tired from want
My heart aches from need
My spirit squirms as my thoughts
chase around this time
with speed
I feel left out
I feel alone
Can't cry when your on the phone
I feel like life is in slow motion
or just stuck on repeat
My feet are tired of the dance
My hands are sore from the fight
Sometimes I am to blind to see the light

My mind is
Coming after me both day and night
What do I pray for
What do I ask
1. I need my backbone
to straighten up
My bones are giving away again at the seems
Too young too feel so blue
Too old to be so confused
Too young to fall over again in
my own shoes

My arms are tired from want
My heart aches from need
My spirit squirms as my thoughts
chase around me
I give all that I have to give to you
I need someone to be there for me
Again I feel sad and can't find the light
I'm mad, the time is never right
I'm too blind
To see the light
My mind follows me everywhere
both day and night....

2015 copyrights

Need to edit:

it is only a matter of time before the whole world snaps underneath the load
Too much too much
things change
things stay the same
roll with the punches
take it on the chin and get back up swinging

Dec 16, 2014

there is light and reason in all darkness if you look hard enough

Dec 4, 2014

The mind left body
my head has wings
i fly above the clouds
then i come back down
to pick myself up off the ground again

The soul is strong but the body is weak
keep feeding the monkey
keep feeding the mind
stay tough, stay rigid, stay liquid
let the rain roll off your back each time it starts to storm

The masses of information that is passed along the waves
the things you see may not always be the same
life moves forward at all times
do not get caught with your heads in the sand
use your minds eye, your third eye

Keep on dreaming, you have all dreamed before
the bell keeps on ringing inside my dome
my ears start to scream as the locomotion of life gets moving
my hands are tough, kaleidoscopes of scars, burns, and work

The Mind left body
Float around and around
be the fly on the wall
open your mind and feel the breeze on your skin
give love, feed your soul with love
take as much as you give

Copyright 2014 sseagraves
Aug 14, 2014

life at its best
what best is this...?
one more time
i come to you with yesterdays vows
like the rain
pouring down
she awoke with a flinch and a quick grab for the pistol under her cushion
more aware now that life is real
reality bites hard and fast when you lose your loved ones etc...
fears pass through my soul
her hair blows in the breeze like stalks of golden locks
pounding her fist
slamming her head against the wall
things are coming unglued you could say
sound is magnified in this new state of being alive
being alone
left after all the years of teamwork love and hate
i wish i would have paid more attention to the details
not letting so much pass by with idle minds and hands
like the sun that shines
you can believe that you don't know what you have until it is gone...
is it better to have loved and lost than ever loved at all
go figure
life's a wonderfully cruel bitch some may say
believe in your own future as you create in every moment
you continue to breathe.

edited from another work.
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