3 days ago

i know you haven't heard
those four letters recently.

but i promise that if kind
was a human,
he'd take his form as you.

you never ceased being
the light in the middle of a dark tunnel.

thank you for being that phrase of hope amongst all the sentences
of negativity.

though our journey together
has had its times of separate roads,
i assure you that my path will always
find its way back to your warmth.

i know this is probably not the art you were hoping for, but i hope it still makes the cut.

happy birthday, mike.
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4 days ago

the night is not that young
but if given the chance to be with you
then this night would turn into eternity.

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5 days ago

she loved him too hard
she forgot how to thread letters
into words that others could comprehend.

for jww.
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5 days ago

maybe it had been written in the stars
that there would once be a girl
who loved a boy
who was slowly growing into
a constellation.

the girl waits and waits and waits
for a sign that this love she has nurtured
would soon ripen with age
and find its way
before the boy turns into a blinding star.

for jww.
Mar 12

i was once told that
my poems all contained
messages of hope and fate.

i realized that
my love for you is as hopeful
as it really is.

i realized that
my love for you is a matter of fate
because i truly believe that
loving someone like this does not
happen as a coincidence.

maybe im being too hopeful,
maybe i rely too much on fate.

but if it is these two that can
bring me closer to loving you
more than anything in this world,
then so be it.

i'll be waiting with these two
etched on the back of my mind
along with your smile that brings
promises of a chance.

for jww.
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i don't need you
to tell me
you love me, too.

i just need you
to know
that someone,
in this case, i,
love you so much more
than you ever
could believe was possible.

in the situation i am in,
i know people will tell me
that this is wrong and stupid.

but i don't believe them.

they don't know of the stories
i've written for you.
they don't know of the love
i continue to speak out for you.

and i will continue to speak,
and scream,
and whisper.
because you will never know,
maybe one day,
you'll actually hear me.

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Feb 24

loving you is a war
i never thought i would fight in.
but here i am,
on my knees,
hands in the air,
yelling of my surrender
to you.

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