Our relationship with the rain is a test.

I keep finding myself, only to lose myself again.
(However, I am working on that.)

I often edit my pieces; I think that point is worth mentioning.
Our relationship with the rain is a test.

I keep finding myself, only to lose myself again.
(However, I am working on that.)

I often edit my pieces; I think that point is worth mentioning.
Light House
Light House
19 hours ago

You are aloe to my mental lips.
Metaphors remove your lace,
reveal your hips, & turn you
into my own personal brand of chapstick.
Smothering something sweet
along my visual cortex:
mentally bath-ing in milk,
mentally tast-ing...
of fruit & cream.

  22h  Light House
1 day ago


i am
your most devoted of heart
kneeling to worship
at the altar of your
resting place
where I offer in sacrifice
my heart
in exchange for your own


Light House
Light House
22 hours ago

He followed her like a shadow,
even within the light.
As he had promised,
he protected; he safeguarded her from harm.
He hugged the walls
behind the flames,
within the caverns of her life...

till a time when the threat was high...
Till a time when the threat was nigh,
when he jumped out
from the black ....to attack
a passerby....
whom had a gun in-hand,
ready with a bullet for his Valentine.
But his own heart was met,
with a knife, instead,
which she had kissed
into his chest.

She handed the knife
to the man with the now-holstered-gun.
He then pulled out a rag,
& proceeded to wipe it, soaking up the lion’s blood.

  22h  Light House
Lora Lee
Lora Lee
Jan 13

and today
on this day of
your birth
I am sucked
down into
the rhythms
of all that
we have been
until this moment
the biting rawness
             of new ebbs
the saddened veins
that vibrate
like used, worn
           guitar strings
the curve of
your fingers
that once played
            upon my skin
your weighted down aura
that I can no longer penetrate
and buoy up
and here I stand
all glowing light spirals
my head whirring
in mystic opulence
my gaze pulled to
the reverence of stars
my purity of river
in a swoosh
around my waist
that gurgling clarity
of liquid
pooling me in sacred
that I must now take into
another rush
of estuary
and as I raise my arms
to the heavens
I almost fade
into the floodlights
                            of time
and my tears
push through
my skin
like the clear

Time to howl
  22h  Light House
Lora Lee
Lora Lee
3 days ago

a slippery
little otter
          under your
             melting hands
              flipping 'round
        my wet dark tail
as you make of me demands
your requests
             get me hot
make me swirl and twirl
                             and purr
as if I am of cat family,
not salt-licked sea baby
all wrapped in
           squelching fur
Now I am running
through forest        
        achingly free
        and brazen-bold
my mind in present moment
a lightness in my soul
doing what it takes
to survive
in this world of coldness harsh
indelibly finding my way
back to my hidden
          backwater marsh
for my hearth is  lilting sea
                  my kin made of
                            flipper and bone
                           my inner wild
             sings primal melody
as I leap into
what I call home
for after the rough and tumble
and inhalation of ocean's scent
after the kelp is all digested
I will place my head
          upon your chest
and breathe deep in rhythmic  
ebbs and tides
as my sleekness
enters your soul's portal,
                 your quiet fire of spark
this is where I can nestle,
in the glow of
your flickering


From various sources:
The symbolic meaning of water deals with the divine feminine, which is a major life-giving energy, and therefore water (and otters) are symbolic of creativity, fluidity and transitions. The otter's affinity to water is also symbolic of healing. Plus, they elude the symbolism of joy, playfulness and fun (all of which I am in dire need of )

The otter is a powerful figure in Native American and Celtic mythologies and its symbolism is used to mark major life transitions.
All of the above I find to be personally relevant right now!
  1d  Light House
1 day ago


I could say that I blame the crow
for waking me from my cold slumber
skitting about leaving dirty crow prints in clean snow,
with his beak brushed red from where he pecked

I imagine how it might be
in that moment when death comes
and impatient as ever I wonder
should I just meet her half way
but where is half way
and where has my twinkle gone

(once upon a time
I had a twinkle in my eye
it must have gone to join the others
that live above the sky)

when children grow up
they stop picking flowers
chasing grasshoppers
catching butterflies
and they lose that twinkle

my roses will warm my grave
with thorns and all they'll keep me safe
I could have blamed the crow
for calling me to wake
but I'm still searching for something


  1d  Light House
Dec 24, 2016

no, no, NO
not good enough
hush! you’re too loud
too bossy
too messy
too everything
can’t shake
the ping-pong balls
in my skull
an endless match
of self confidence
i lose every time

Atelophobia is the fear of not being good enough. This was written very quickly at a point when I was feeling overwhelmed and under a lot of stress to do everything perfectly. Thanks for reading!
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