is slipping with old age.   
Our relationship with the rain is a test.

I keep finding myself, only to lose myself again.
(However, I am working on that.)

I often edit my pieces; I think that point is worth mentioning.
I suppose since everyone says this: Don't 'steal' my work. Even if you do, I'll come up with a thousand more ideas. I only want to get noticed for now. Enjoy. Be nice. Thank you.
Our relationship with the rain is a test.

I keep finding myself, only to lose myself again.
(However, I am working on that.)

I often edit my pieces; I think that point is worth mentioning.
I suppose since everyone says this: Don't 'steal' my work. Even if you do, I'll come up with a thousand more ideas. I only want to get noticed for now. Enjoy. Be nice. Thank you.
Light House
Light House
5 hours ago

He didn't know it ----but she was teaching him to shed his skin,
how to pour himself ...out, how to start anew ..from scratch, how to reconstruct ..everything.

Unedited for now.
Working title, everything.
Notes for now.
Light House
Light House
10 hours ago

Gah come on man!  Breathe & pull it together.  Let's not overreact & dwell, but let's get our shit together.  Look at this mess.  You have parts mixed up all over the place.  Don't get all emotional & start to feel bad & cry, please...  I will say that once more:  Please.... do not break down.  Clearly, you have hit a plateau.  & you know the remedy for this....

We need to explore, get up & move about.  The time for conceptualizing, dreaming & sleeping ...absolutely must come to an end.  You can be so much more...  You can do so much more.  But first you must wake up.  It is time for action.  You need to get up.  This implies much trial & error.  There are no shortcuts around this.  You will experience failure & you will continue through it.  You cannot sit here, like some strategist, pooling all of your earnings & time into one plan ..whether it be a masterful one or not.  In the end, you only sit & plan because fear weighs you down into that throne you sit upon.  Stand!

You may run towards your dream.  You may certainly move towards your goal, your vision... But the time for dreaming itself now over.  You are bored.  You need more...
Hop you foolish grasshopper!  ...While you are able.... Before it is too late...  I'd take you by the shoulders if I could & just shake you till you understood ..till it all sunk in like treasure.

Hop!  ----Turn your legs into catapults, damnit!
...Just as you have already done so with your mind..
Don't cry about it, please....  Just do this..
Focus.  Let everything else... fade.

Nonsense for myself. Raw, unedited.  Free flow of self.
Light House
Light House
1 day ago

How else could the loveless feel?
Loveless: having no feelings of love, passionless, unfeeling.
Voids then, essentially.  ...The lot of them.
What else should they be... if not greedy or hungry or thirsty, etc., that is?

Light House
Light House
1 day ago

"Hawks migrate you know?  & force of wind can be a large & pesky variable, little brother.  Sometimes the things you believe will propel you into the right direction ---- actually end up pushing you off course. Sometimes the invisible... will pull you elsewhere, regardless of wherever it was  had in mind.
The invisible....   can be reckless, unforgiving, ..uncaring; however, Lady Luck has always smiled for me.  I've always been devil-may-care, as it has always felt right to be so.  That is.. to play the role of the wildcard, & to be given a supernatural sort of sight, which has led me through the Piano Key Seas....
Come to think of it...  That was my mistake:  failing to avoid large bodies of water.  Those gusts out there.... in the middle of all the waves.  I should have flown 'round the coastline, instead.  Those damn gales...!"

He pauses & adjust his silver spectacles:  They look as if they come from somewhere far away or were crafted in a time long before his day or age.

"But I navigated a way...  I listened.  I truly listened & ...Voila!
Here-I-am:  The Hawk, the Wildcard, the Raptor  ..the Rock & Rolla...."
So fear not-for the Garden, or for anything, little brother. Fate
has brought me back be the one who saves this place before
you come-to out of dreams & sleep.... to do all of what I do, now,
all over again.."

He then proceeds to take the city by its metaphorical hand & wrist,
& pull the drowning-ship--of-a-nation -- incl. his sleeping brother --
up from the waking grip of the Hollow.  He had tacked the wind
ten-thousand times ..& then some; he would now tug o' war
...with gravity.

Unfinished.  A sort of intro to a prelude to these hummingbird chronicles I have going on.  I was reading up on hawks as well & have read multiple times of how they will protect hummingbirds by killing off predators that prey on hummingbirds, as well as by not eating or harming them, themselves; even though they theoretically it can as far as the food chain goes.  They allow them to live in a sense.

This piece is unfinished, but inspired.  Working title & everything.
Thank you all.  All my love.

Also, for clarification:  This is a scene in a prequel I suppose you can call it.  It is still all abstract to even myself, but I will word it plainly as to make it easy to understand.  Please forgive the lack of polishing:

There is a city named Garden in later stories.  It is protected by a few heroes.  Here, it is being saved by this hawk-hero BEFORE any of those few heroes have taken up a name or anything yet.  One of those heroes, is this hawk-guys younger brother who is in a state of 'torpor,' asleep.  I am not sure what I am going to do with this hero yet.  I may have his story go untold, at least within 'his world' thereby conveying how some heroes are 'comically doomed' in a sense to do all of the work, & receive not one shred of credit for it.  We shall see.  Apologies for the repost and all this explaining.  Will sort all of this out one day when I have the time.  I do promise that.

Working title for now.
Light House
Light House
1 day ago

You're not kind...
You're not taking the time.. understand my feelings.
You're being sympathetic.
You pity me; you recognize
something about me that
can relate to.  (...You're selfish.)
You see the problem, but not the victim.
You feel sorrow, but not me.  (You don't know me.)
You only see yourself; & you don't even know yourself,
for your whole-self could be oh-so-much more...

More freestyling.  Might come back to this.
This is not to be targeted at anyone.  Only thoughts.
Everyone ...relax.

#feelings   #selfish   #blind   #ego   #greed   #empathy  
Light House
Light House
1 day ago

..They ran:  his fingers
crossing every which way
over her icy skin, like they
were laced up w/ skates.

Light House
Light House
2 days ago

Use your anger.
Use it?
Use it...
What happens when you become angry?
Everything ..speeds up.  ...So use it.
That is the first thing I suggest you do.
You do?
I do....
Get mad!  Say you're angry.  Scream it!
& then....  Hold it!  Don't go red.
...W-i-e-l-d it, instead.  Use it...  & now ...take a step.
& now another....  One more.  Keep going now,
it fuels you.  You're moving...  all on your own
because you've learned to use it.
Look at yourself.   ..You warrior,

freestyle nonsense for now.  brain has been liquefied as of late.  This is an attempt to move some wheels once more.  May go for a walk as well and then sit back down.
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