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Tortured like the rest. If you want bad poems, you have come to the right author.
Tortured like the rest. If you want bad poems, you have come to the right author.
George Salazar
George Salazar
3 days ago

I'll lick the sins off your skin.
You can ride me til I bleed,
I'll bleed for you.
You'll be wet from the eyes
And the mouth
And the ass
And the cunt.
And I
And the night
Will be yours as long as it lasts.
Worry not about me though
I can last longer than the evening.

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George Salazar
George Salazar
4 days ago

Blessed are the marble floors
That your feet
Constantly tread upon.
I envy them so.
I envy them so.

George Salazar
George Salazar
6 days ago

You should probably take off your heels now
You have been running on my mind.
Would you please leave that coat hanging by my wall
If you'll be so kind.
Take off the pearls from your eyes
The ebony off your thighs
Take off with what little sanity I have left today.
Make the night come.
Make the night stay.

#melancholy   #sex  
George Salazar
George Salazar
6 days ago

She does not quite let go of my cock.
Oh Lily, how I've longed to fuck her perfectly white teeth.
And caress her dark knees and skinny thighs.
When lucifer fell, he did not fall alone.
I think I know what to do with little angels like you.
You come with me now where you belong.
Come with me.

#melancholy   #sex  
George Salazar
George Salazar
6 days ago

Pleasuring themselves to the thought of a friend
Delighting in a sudden burst of violence from one another.
Finding pleasure deep within the throbbing wounds of pain
Being a perverted voyeur to the suffering of the world.
We all do it every once in a while,
Even more than we care to admit.
But of course no one admits.
The ones who do, are either nailed or burned at the cross, stoned and beaten to death or locked away for not denying the perverse nature of man.
Do you see him?

Yes the devil is my colleague
Lucifer the bearer of light, the father of lies and he who fell from grace.
Head first towards abyssal flames,
I do what it is creatures who have been wronged do.
I walk the earth in hate of the league of man,
Rapist of all that is made in god's absent hand.
We are not so different, thee and me.
We both bask in the grandeur or this ancient chaos.
I am no deeper in hellfire than you are.
I am you
You are me.

Her fake eyelashes slide off from the edges of her eyes.
Cold water from the shower quickly disposes of what makeup she wore.
There are dark circles neath her eyes,
Her legs fail to touch the floor.
Sounds of running water echo across the room only to be drowned away by her inconsistent moaning.
Droplets of pearl start to slip between her thighs.
I adore your daughter.
I adore all of your daughters.
I adore all of god's beautiful angels.
It is truly good
To be alive.

#melancholy   #sex  
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