raindrops on roses
raindrops on roses
Nov 17, 2016

I can’t do this
Tell myself that I'm over you
Tell everyone else the same
I don’t understand why

You like her
“Tell me the truth,” I say
Tell me you do
You wanted her all along

She is my best friend
Tell her that it’s fine
Tell her to go for it
She won't tell the truth

Both of you lie to me
Tell me what’s going on
Tell me anything at all
Both of you remain quiet

They all know
Tell them everything, do you?
Tell everyone but me
They have to be wrong

Both of you want this
Tell you to go for it
Tell you that I don’t care
Both of you, I lie to

She is all I have
Tell her that I’m okay
Tell her that I understand
She doesn’t know a thing

You used me for her
Tell me that I’m “your friend”
Tell her you want her
You are my biggest problem

I can’t keep up with myself
Tell you both I’m happy for you
Tell everyone I’m fine
I don’t want to lie anymore

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