Jan 9, 2015

Walking outside in the winter
A snowflake falls from the sky
And lands in my palm
It slowly melts as snowflakes do
And I start thinking
Each snowflake is spectacular
And different in its own way
But their lives are so short
Maybe humans and snowflakes
Aren't so different after all

Humans are like snowflakes
Samara Kae Gibbs
Samara Kae Gibbs
Dec 21, 2014

Snowflakes are all different,
Like the different people on the earth;
Falling, and falling,
Wondering what they are worth.

Ayush B
Ayush B
Jan 18, 2016

Few people have heard the story,
Of the first snowflake to make the journey,
To hug and save the heating earth,

He travelled with wind for many miles,
To reach the ground he thought he missed,
He was dead as soon as they kissed.

Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole
Nov 28, 2014

I've always hated winter
But the beauty of this snowfall
Made me love this winter wonderland

#love   #beauty   #winter   #snow   #snowflake  
Dec 23, 2014

When I close my eyes
I can still feel your hands on my waist
And I wonder
If you still taste the same

Guys, I'm fucking cold.
#eyes   #him   #miss   #cold   #touch   #taste   #snowflakes   #vacancy  
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