Nov 4, 2015

Revenge is sweet
Like the taste of a candy
When you first tasted it

Revenge is bitter
As bitter as medicine or
Maybe bitter than that

They said revenge is best served cold
They also said that revenge is as sweet as sugar
Basically revenge is a sugary ice cream

Well for me
A revenge is like sweet honey
Hostile than bitter gourd
A bittersweet revenge
One that hurts and vigorous
At the same time

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Nov 8, 2014

My words sweet as honey
Will leave a bitter taste in your mouth .
Revenge isn't best served cold- it should be sweet with a hint of poison.

Paramount Pawn
Paramount Pawn
May 4, 2015

The thought of you laughing
is just simply ridiculous
'Cause you won't be laughing
in a sweet moment
The time my revenge
will come out fresh
Shall make me avenge
for the jokes you've played on me

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Crushing Love
Crushing Love
Dec 5, 2014

Yesterday you teased me
Which is a big no-no
I tease boys they don't tease me.

You want to stay dominate and that's what you're fighting for
But me it's for Revenge, not Dominance.

My boyfriend was the biggest tease the other day!
Deedee Matins
Deedee Matins
Mar 27, 2015

My voice as sweet as honey,
My words dripping with venom.
I whisper words of comfort,
While my eyes say other.

I may look like a sheep,
But others know better.
Under these charming smiles,
A beast lays in slumber.

Revenge will be sweet-
With the taste of venom

Mr X
Mr X
May 29, 2014

Remember how you tried to burn me and reduce me to ruins?


The fire still persists,
And feeds on your cursed life.

#hate   #fire   #revenge   #rage   #vengeance   #vendetta  
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