It's poetry that I love
and I am here to peddle
The finest words to be composed
for I shall never settle

I write all day, so many words
sometimes I fall behind
because of all the twirling words
that are stuck within my mind

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Jun 5, 2016

when i was little
i used to say
i wanted to sleep through all my bad days
and i still do
let me remind you
but what does that mean
when it's starting to feel
like everyday is a bad day.

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I've always detested poetry in which
rhyme was thrown about
without reason.

And you truly are poetry
with neither rhyme nor reason.

Sep 12, 2014

No other word is needed
Poetry is life
Poetry is love
Poetry is peace
Poetry is family
No other word is needed
Poetry is death
Poetry is hate
Poetry is war
Poetry is pain
No other word is needed

Kurt Kanawa
Kurt Kanawa
Apr 18, 2014

you tell her
her eyes
are deep, reflective pools,
mesmerizing, you say

you compare her
to an angel,
and you call her the sun
which outshines all the other stars

you say
she is the sea
she is the sky
the stars, the moon,
and a million other things

you call her poetry, poetry

and she will love you for it
unbeknownst to her
that your words are not your own
but the words of every poet
who has ever loved

just sick of clich├ęs.
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