Plan something of which you know everything
Rules of the game still remain the same
of course it goes on,
all the time,
all the way at the back of mind,
since planning has always remained not only a part of the game that you play,
but also an indispensible part of everyday life in every possible way.

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Eleanor Kellett
Eleanor Kellett
Nov 15, 2014

Plans are like buses,
Sometimes they just don't come when you need one.

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Brandy C Zoch
Brandy C Zoch
Jun 21, 2016

planning suicide
taste-testing cyanide
gun powder blush
drunk driving lush
hit on myself
burried by a shelf
pretty lace noose
back-rolling caboose
trip to a cliff
rat poison spliff
davey’s locker dive
facial du killer bee hive
releasing the Kraken
monoxide hose in the back end
a sleep not to dream
an end to the mean.
a dip in formaldehyde
planning suicide.

Dec.24, 2013
Dec 21, 2014

I thought you were my man
Until you left me and ran
It ends before it began
Now, tell me this is not your plan.

This is just pure imagination. I never had a chance to meet somebody. Maybe someday I will.
#heartbreak   #left   #plan  
Mark Ball
Mark Ball
Aug 16, 2015

I broke a mirror today
Clearing the smell of
Someone else's shit from
My downstairs bathroom;
It's wise to have
Future plans.

#future   #shit   #plans   #mirror   #bathroom  
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