Katie Nicole
Katie Nicole
Aug 7, 2014

life without passion
-lacking ambition or drive-
isn't life at all

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Lauren Leal
Lauren Leal
Oct 24, 2015

But I finally convinced my demons I'm one of them.

Inner thoughts
Oct 10, 2016

I wanna pick you up,
Cuddle your lifeless body,
Lift you to my heart,
Cradle you in my soul,
I wanna lift you up,
Till you eyes reach mine,
Till we can say that were fine,
Can trust were alright,
I wanna hold you,
I wanna help you,
Let me save you.

this was written on december 17 2015

i want to be your knight in shining armor on the nights your wrists are under attack
#love   #heart   #soul   #you   #hold   #body   #save   #lifeless  
Oct 1, 2014

I was dumb
Now I am numb
Dumb enough to let you in
Numb because I can no longer find a reason to grin
I no longer take blame
For what you did to me I hope you live a life of shame
Everything you said was a lie
I will hate myself for believing 'till the day I die
Closure is something every girl needs
Instead you left me to bleed
Bleed out until there is nothing left of me
You got a new girl soon to be
Let me go until there is no more blood
My emotions will no longer flood
Lifeless I'll be
Lifeless I am

#love   #heartbreak   #poetry   #life   #emotion   #lifeless  
Jul 20, 2014

No more love poems to be written
In this heart of mine
Only feelings of loss and resignation
Take over my soul and cause me agony
It seems like I've been down this road one too many times before
And I sit here wondering why I did the same things
Thinking of all the signs I chose to ignore
I wonder if I'll learn my lesson
I wonder if I'll ever heal
Heartbreak takes a toll on people
And I've been suffering for so long
Thoughts and wonder fill my brain
About if I'll ever love again
If I'll ever find trust in another

© Emily 2014
#love   #trust   #sad   #depressed   #betrayal   #lifeless  
mackinley sabol
Jul 31, 2013

A pretty face
By blue lips
Clear as
The water she lie in
Now darker
Than the soul
That had now escaped
From her beautiful
Lifeless body

Oct 9, 2013

lifeless eyes
of a lifeless body,
who's heart's still beating,
even when their soul has left


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