Reese Mauro
Reese Mauro
Oct 25, 2014

Sometimes I wonder,
Should I wander?
Should I leave this world,
Should I become a ghost of my being?

Then I remember,
I already am a ghost.
My memories and feelings are existing too much
too little.  
I'm living,
not living.

Nathan Spitler
Nathan Spitler
Mar 9, 2015

grab my ankles and hold me back
like a plastic bag catching my shin in the wind.
The slight tug and pull draws my attention to you.

I have yet to know what you wanted,
and maybe I wouldn’t feel so haunted
if you would meet me once again.

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nichole r
nichole r
Jun 17, 2014

hearing useless chatter
feeling gusts of breath
seeing bleeding ink
tasting bitter loneliness
smelling puffs of stale air
being a                   g  h  o  s  t  .

Nothing Much
Nothing Much
Feb 2, 2015

He lives in a cold and empty house
Where lightbulbs hang from silver chains
And lonely ghosts live within
The cracking, creaking wooden walls

He leaves out his favorite books for them
And listens to footsteps beneath the floorboards
He plays piano,
a reclusive recital for empty rooms
And they keep each other's soft-spoken secrets

Okay so I really don't feel like this is finished I don't know why I'm so hot to post it? I'll probably revise it later.
#love   #empty   #ghost   #winter   #abandoned   #cold   #house   #ghosts   #haunted   #spooky  

Where did you go to, Doris Stokes?
Do you  still talk to ghosts?
Doris is now a ghost, folks,
Did she just want to get on the telly?
Did the ghosts ever get on her nelly?
Or was she telepathic,
Or only telepathetic?
So, who now talks to ghosts,
Or erstwhile Doris Stokes?

Feedback welcome.
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