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James Douglas 'Jim' Morrison   (1943-1971, American)
American rock singer and rock lyric who achieved after his death a cult position among fans. Morrison wished to be accepted as a serious artist, ...
Jim Timonere
Jim Timonere   (1951 - )
The things I write about seem sent to me at the moment the are written. As if my Muse, whoever she is, demands to be ...
Jim Ellis
Jim Ellis   (1991 - )
Franticly placing thoughts together.
Jim Musics
Jim Musics   (1950 - )
Born in Patterson NJ, but that hasn't stopped me yet. Yes - that is a halo above me. Everything on my pages are © copyright ...
Jim Marchel
Jim Marchel   (1993 - )
If you thought it was impossible to like Sinatra and EDM, or enjoy cartoons with a glass of wine, well then you haven't met me.
---   (1985 - )
Word baker/Trouble maker
Jim Davis
Jim Davis   (1957 - )
Married, father of two. Retired U. S. Army. Started writing last year. Always loved reading and living life.
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