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Consoling the Sky  (65 followers)
Poems about the great blue firmament, clouds, the starry deep, and whatever looms above us on this tilting little orb.
Where Tha Seas Flirt With Tha Skies  (33 followers)
...near perfection.
Texas Love and A Southern Sky  (3 followers)
These are a collection of my earliest "professional" poems (most of them were written in 2010). By professional, I mean they are the ones that ...
Only The Golden Sky Knows  (2 followers)
Let the stars guide you in your words.
Night Sky  (1 follower)
All my Night Sky poetry shall go in here, along with other night-time related poetry. I hope you enjoy my little collection of Night-Time Poetry
Sky  (1 follower)
another name in my skin
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