Beautiful Poetry  (283 followers)
Beautiful Poems
lonesome poets poetry  (267 followers)
A place where all poetic beings can create a heaven from their words, young and old alike, a place to get known with your poetry. ...
Gritty Poetry  (239 followers)
Real poetry that's gritty and raw. Refinery is not needed here.
Confessional Poetry  (200 followers)
Poetry that focuses on subject matter once considered taboo. Issues like drug abuse, sexual guilt, alcoholism, suicide and depression, which were typically considered shameful or ...
Apollo poetry  (165 followers)
A place to post poetry that is meaningful to you and your fellow poets. So let Apollo inspire your muses and write something amazing today!
Endless Poetry  (149 followers)
Greetings to all poet. Welcome to all poetry. This is the land of every poetry. Shall it remain eternal like our glistening galaxies. Thank you ...
Impeccable Poetry  (149 followers)
Let Us Free Our Minds And Give Our Poetry Wings. You are most welcome to follow my other collection "Impeccable Poetry - Part II" Thank ...
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