The bottom of the ocean    1998 -    
2 days ago

Walls fall down
and heart doors open,
love surrounds,
what once was broken.

My heart reaches out,
it screams, it smiles
knowing that one thing
will stay constant.

2 days ago

I hate the feeling
of my heart beating
I wish it would go away
It makes me anxious
maybe I'm going insane...
I never used to notice it,
so why do I now?

3 days ago

tears keep falling
and I'm unsure why
there are bottled up feelings
deep down inside.
This usually doesn't occur
at least not to me,
I mean sometimes I'll cry
but not continuously...
I miss so many
and the past sometimes,
can hit me.
I feel excitement for the future,
a future that has us together.
Now my throat is hurting
from this unwanted weather.

4 days ago

Laying on my floor
I look over at my monitor
at the title of the song playing
I hear your keyboard taps
and you tell me what's happening
I'm smiling as I remember things
that we did together
my heart longs for you.
This distance is frustrating at times
but for you I'll always do the time.

You're my best friend 4:05
I'll love you forever

he showed her the sun
and as the snow melted
her monochrome life
became so vibrant.

The darkness washed away
when the artist started a new page
where my path met yours.

Sitting in the car,
I looked out the window
and there you were.
I tell her, "that's him!"
My heart was racing
as I opened the car door.
I hurried over to you,
we hugged
and I felt a million
I love yous
in less than a minute.

#love   #you   #meeting   #hugged  

I look out the window
at all the snow on the ground
the American flag looks cold
It's below zero right now

Snow is piled up in heaps
from shoveling out our driveway
the night sky is dark like always
and the street is not currently visible.

#window   #snow   #outside  
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