Over the rainbow.   
INFP. I want to stand out, I want to be different.
INFP. I want to stand out, I want to be different.
9 hours ago

he whispers something perverted in my ear.
he tugs on my hair,
pulls me closer as he grips my neck.
something bitter in my mouth.
smooth tan skin on him.
will you hurt me, baby?
will i be just fine?
he kisses my cheeks and twirls
my curls.
he wouldn't let anything take me
from his side,
as we sway and collide in unison.
everything of his sex engulfs me
and we smell of it.
a hazy shower scene,
millions of kisses on you.
you slowly creep in,
picking up the pace as you
glide your hands up and down
along my valleys and over my hills.
i run my fingers through his hair that
cascades and that is as black as a raven.
his hair swirls and twirls and dances
as i lap up your love while our
favorite song plays.
quietly, softly thumping.
nothing's going to hurt me, baby.
as long as i'm with you, i'll be just fine.

inspired by nothings going to hurt you baby by cigarettes after sex
#love   #relationships   #sex   #my   #personal   #from   #side  
10 hours ago

that’s how i view you,
a guy with superpowers.
a mighty man,
a man with with brains
and a hard hand;
who bears the fruitages of the spirit.

it's so hard to leave you alone
#love   #life   #over   #choose  
10 hours ago

i have been blessed,
and oh baby
you’re my kind of man.
you drive me crazy,
and you’re driving me mad.
i’m fine with it, it’s no hassle at all.
as long i can be with you,
when it’s just the two of us.
i want you
and i need you to show me your world;
show me your paradise,
take me there, baby.

inspired by "my kind of woman" by mac demarco
#of   #perfect   #my   #kind   #youre  
1 day ago

god i'm so crazy,
i'm sorry that i'm misbehaving.
i'm your little harlot,
kiss me on my way open mouth.

i'm ready for you. inspired by off to the races by lana del rey
1 day ago

I know I should laugh it off,
but it’s just so hard to do.
I don’t want to sleep at all
but for you, I’ll sleep it off.

again and again and again
#you   #a   #to   #try   #know   #dont   #little   #tenderness  
  1d  Acacia
B L Costello
1 day ago

I Googled your name,
I searched under “image”,
Nothing came….
I dialed your phone,
It made me nervous,
A strange voice said it was “out of service”,
Your room is empty,
So is your chair,
I just can’t find you anywhere,
I looked in the mirror,
What else could I do?
Something familiar,
I look like you,
Sometimes your children are all that is left,
If I stare to long,
I get upset,
It’s only me,
10 years you’re gone,
Oh how I miss you, mom
©B L Costello 2017

  1d  Acacia
Tapiwa Individualist

Look up at the night sky,
And see how beautiful the stars look,
Shiny and outstanding without even trying,

And the moon,
Illuminating the darkness..
The moon and the stars offer that beauty,
In togetherness,

Not trying to outshine each other,
Because they are beautiful together..

We are different individuals,and its our differences that make the completion of everything that is.
#moon   #beauty   #stars  
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