Feb 19, 2011

Was once I always thought about.
He never left my mind.
If he did he always came back.

He totally got me.
Totally understood how different I was.
He liked it.

He left my life,
I deleted him,
Everything I had from him,
Except my emotions.
Any love I consumed,
I rejected.

Made me realize that
Love can be made from emptiness.
Love can form from being friends.
But it's difficult to consume the love in his eyes I feel even now.

Maybe he will come back and see me.
Meet the new me.
Not so sensitive.
So much more confident than I once was.
So much more stronger physically and mentally.
And see the lifeful life I live now.
And see the scars on my heart.
Left behind by


Not in my perspective. But a person, I've met. And I once was. Now I'm Melanie. And my soul sings a melody. :)
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