Cielo Gebilaguin
Dec 1, 2010

The water is black
late night of a new moon.

I dive into it
swim underwater
away from the fire
and drunken noise
my heart beating hard
at odds
with the cold silence.

I scream ---
mostly bubbles
and a mouthful of salt
I gag and surface.

"Open your eyes underwater!"
you scream from the shore
"There's phosphorescence!"

I open them for the first time
in salt water
and see the algae lit
a tunnel curved in my hands
I do a somersault
then float
knees pressed to chest
blowing light bubbles.

I get back
no towel, sand in my pants
huddled by the fire
I press you close,

But your head is
bent, away
"I can't love you"
you mumble to my chest
squeezing harder.

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