David Bird
David Bird
Jun 15, 2010

I'm an idiot, idi-fool,
Idiot, idiot, idi-tool,
  Idiot, idi-lump,
  Idiot, idi-chump,
Idiot, idiot, most uncool.

I'm an idiot, idi-goon,
Idiot, idiot, idi-loon,
  Idiot, idi-berk,
  Idiot, idi-jerk,
Idiot, idiot; a buffoon.

I'm an idiot, idi-plum,
Idiot, idiot, and so dumb,
  Idiot, idi-pratt,
  Idiot, getting fat,
Idiot, idiot, feeling glum.

I was cross and I was ill, and it was half-five in the morning.

**Minor change: "I am an" to "I'm an" recommended by my esteemed twitter friend http://twitter.com/bettiwettiwoo
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