Nicole Rountree
Nicole Rountree
Mar 15, 2013

A Teacher's Creed @NiKay

We rise every morning at the top of the hour.... thinking about our plans for the day as we jump in the shower.

Some of us dread the job that we do but understand clearly, if not you, then who?

Some of us go in everyday with a smile. Greeting each student as we would our own child.

Sometimes our roles may alter a bit, changing in dynamics as the situation may fit.

Paid a meager salary for such a royal job and NEVER compensated for any of the above and beyonds.

Patching up boo boos for those in preK to conflict mediation for the "to grown" for their age.

Teacher...a counselor, motivator, remediator, and mediator to say the least.

From Goals 2000 to No Child Left Behind, we are the ones in the battlefield of the minds.  

We attempt to mold and nurture our youth. We live each day by one sure truth...that no matter what we do or say our profession deserves RESPECT and PRAISE....oh, and definitely way more pay.

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