Baby ya know  were always  out there on the road okay down
at the bar.
And ya  know at first it wasnt love.
Yeah it was cause  you put out and had a car.

And baby please dont be blue.
When Im  not paying you any attention.
Cause it's not love there just hotter than you.

You know I wrote this ballad on a pizza box
so how can ya ignore.
Yeah I know are first date was sketchy.
When I got wasted  puked on your pillow and passed
out on your floor.

You know sugar thoose  others cant hold
a candle to what ya got.
Cause were not really  popular yet and your kinda

You really  dont ask for things   like
dinners and movies.
No honey from the stage I cant see your face.
Cause I was looking at some other chics boobies.

Yeah honey this ballad is for you sorry it isnt
better but im wasted on booze and pot.
Yeah sugar you may not be super model.
But im know Bon Jovi  and your kinda hot.

yeah that one's for the ladies  wooooo  rock n roll
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