Oct 8, 2012

I know it's not acceptable,
I know it's not P.C.,
But there's a caveman in my head,
Who's got control of me.

I'm talking to a woman,
She's sad and she's depressed,
But caveman keeps on forcing me,
To glance down at her chest.

Caveman, I love boobs as well,
But there's a time and place.
So if you really have to stare,
Please focus on her face.

"Shut up, you lying hypocrite,
You'd LOVE to squeeze each mound.
Stick her nipples in your mouth,
And flick your tongue around."

Caveman, please control yourself,
She's chosen me to trust.
How can I console her when
You're leering at her bust?

"What's she got to cry about?
Her tits stick out a mile.
Just let me in that bulging blouse,
I'll soon restore her smile!"

Caveman, I am warning you,
You've really gone too far.
Just for once, look in her eyes,
And not inside her bra.

"BOLLOCKS to your manners,
And your sentimental hugs.
I demand a bouncy castle,
Entirely built from JUGS!"

Girls, I really need your help,
My patience is worn through.
...Perhaps he'd take more notice of
A reprimand from you.

So please think up a message,
To tell him this must stop.
And to make sure that he reads it,
Please write it on your top.

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