Standing on the edge of the world
Wind rushing through my hair
I lift up my arms
And cry out to the emptiness before me

The nothingness calls back
My name carried on the breeze
A blatant reminder of the humanity I’ve left far behind

One step further is all it would take
To leave the familiar for good
To fall endlessly into the lonely abyss

Turning a cold shoulder
Closing my eyes
I make my move
One great leap

The blackness consumes me
Swallows me whole
The wind picks back up
A spins me around

I open my eyes
Only to find
I’m sitting on that ledge
Legs swinging in the breeze

Squaring my shoulders
Back facing the wind
I let out a sigh
And a shout of frustration

The world refuses still to let me go
So here I remain
Conscious and pensive
Waiting for my moment
Biding my time.

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