Jun 1, 2012

Strangely, my feelings drifted towards forgetting you,
Like having lost our kisses between our two goodbyes
Or having found the truth of not being loved by you.

You know this love of mine, dearest;
You know how to breathe.
You know that I need you.

This hyacinthine sky does not appear reasonless
Neither your body that attracts me towards love:
For you are one, my love, so I believe in fate.

But when you go and then return
And then decide to go again,
My hand was certain of your farewell
And like that picture that slips off your fingers,
I have forgotten you so sudden,

So fast, in fact, so swift
That my heart does not leap towards yours anymore,
Nor my lips lower for that kiss.

And this is where I'm sure--
That this must be goodbye.
This must be our fate.

© 2010 J.S.P.

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