Mar 14

I walk empty-handed
with pockets full of presence
so carefully contained
too precious to give away
too tangible to let slip
through my fingers
like the Arabian sands
I wade across
with balmy secrets
that I keep only for you
during frigid nights
I see a mirage
woefully whisper with the wind
deceptive or sincere
I can't afford to pretend
Siren of the sand
with blackest hair
like the shadows of space
and hazelnut eyes
I could drink from
skin bronzed
from the smiles of the eastern sun
I must meet you
but not before I cross the Red Sea

I never once thought I would receive the daily, so this is quite a surprise. I wrote my first poem sometime in March 2016 and joined HelloPoetry last December. This site has been a huge blessing to me and I appreciate all the continued support from some of the loveliest people I have never met. This is for you all. Cheers.
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