Mar 10

Yellow looks like the most beautiful person in your life. It wasn't about the way they look, but how sunshine seems to part of their bloodstream. But Yellow has always loved the night. How the city lights reflect through their glistening eyes. Yellow knew all the right things to say. Their minds are the entire universe, filled with constellations and planets you have yet to understood. You didn't always understood Yellow, with their never-ending questions and poetry. But being understood was a foreign thing for Yellow. Maybe Yellow was better off not to be understood. There is a thin shield that blocks you from reading Yellow but they would trace their fingers through your skin as if you are the universe. You never saw yourself as the universe, only Yellow did. In fact, you saw yourself as an ordinary rock resting on top of the dirty soil. To be stepped and kicked. "But at least you are strong.", Yellow would say. Yellow would always find a way to spread light into the darkest parts of yourself. They introduced you to a corner of the world you never thought would ever exist.

Though you always believed that Yellow's force field has always kept you outside their door. Yellow has always made you feel like running through every mountain in the world, in hopes that you'll find someone like them. Yellow always smiled, despite their burning frustration. Yellow burned both in a good and bad way. They aren't the smoothest surface either. All you wanted was to be the one behind Yellow's light. Maybe you are. You never understood Yellow. You probably never will. And maybe that's how it should be.

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