I want you
please shatter my expectations
the true beauty you delicately veil
will transcend generations

you are an anomaly of comfort
something that which escapes me

like a shooting star
chasing its lover
free across the night sky

I can't seem to grasp it
only see it from afar

a transient fixation
that I would let steal my time
when all the other stars
hide behind clouds
fearing the sun might out them

and you

I see you break through them
and race across the starless void
with all of its hidden stars
afraid to show themselves
under the watchful gaze of the moon

you keep going
because that is what stars do
you shower your light
for those who will stop for a second

and look

to appreciate the cosmic wonder
that you share from your corner of the world

wrote this to the song
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You

Mazzy in Israeli means precious or a pearl
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