Jan 11

Choices to choose
roads to take
take place
in this infinite-scape

supreme space of emptiness
captures nonsense
these turns in life
to avoid demise

granted a map of hope
from a buddhist, Christ or the pope
which way to go
a ship sets sail

lonely dying man
of three past wives
says to give family
the focus of light

God's law is supreme
as sexual fantasy is evil
primitive mistakes
of a designed mind

confusion settles in
as reality takes form
this life I've been given
a product of choice

I sit while time is ticking

the time it ticks, while lost in thought

the time it ticks, is all I've got.

I wish the voice was louder,
an internal guide
a guiding professional

oh show yourself
and I shall listen

My time of wander
will come to pass

#love   #peace   #hope   #relationship   #path   #safety   #choices  
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