Jan 9

There lived a man named Davie Becker
Who had a great big, giant pecker
He tucked it away
But it wouldn't stay
He's now the town's homewrecker

Trying to find a place to pee
I went behind a big ol' tree
She saw me there
Completely bare
Then we became a WEE!!

True story or I wouldn't have told-it
I had to pee and couldn't hold-it
when I heard a ring
A'ding, a'ding, ding
And dropped my phone in the toilet.

He said "come here and love me"
Because he was feeling snugly,
She was blind
But very kind
Till she felt his face, so ugly.

The teacher was really fine they said
When Jenny Walker took him to bed
She gave him a knock
And a pretty big shock
But no more History entered her head.

I knew a man named Harold Pew
Who only wore a single shoe
I asked him what for
He stared at the floor
And said, "son, I haven't a clue."

Hank Parker the high-wire walker
Straddled his rope, what a shocker
His voice was once deep
Now he sounds like a creep --
He's such a high-pitched squawker.

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