I mix up the meaning of lust and lost
Nothing seems right, no matter what choice
I just have a specialty in wasted youth and that is the cost
Of having no source of happiness, and no voice

I never learn from my mistakes, I repeat
I look at is as it "just who i am"
But the taste of trying hard is so sweet
But all I do is make more fire, more flame

I just wanted to fix my mind
But I look to others to hear my answer that never comes
But they won't be honest, or they are blind
I walked away, embrace my difference and take my comfort outside

I cope with measures of society with opinion
I stand tall for the one's that have no intention of knowing me
All my mind is, is a trouble maker in prison
But I wake up and never know which me will come out
Who will I be

#depression   #me   #try   #bipolar  
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