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aka. Joshua Byrd. Dreamer/Realist Read more
aka. Joshua Byrd. Dreamer/Realist Read more
Apr 18, 2014

the first time, touched
us, otherwise strangers
delving within ourselves
our overt close encounters
past intimate imitations
of love’s labour lost and gained
we collide
again and again
crossing over, crossing under
energies focused at the hip
flowing through & into one another
we release
feathers soaked
in each other’s essence

for soakyourfeathers on tumblr
Nov 6, 2014

a warm dawning sun
rises slow on hazy horizons
with winds wildly
down endless
interconnected currents
we wake up
to birds singing
timeless songs of morning
and our forgotten past
leaves us hanging
like willows weeping
in the rain

from this year's nanowrimo novel
Weeping Willows was selected as the daily poem November 10, 2014
#sun   #rain   #birds   #weather   #sunrise   #timeless  
Jun 1, 2014

just came back from a weekend away, down the coast in byron bay, where the lighthouse overlooks the eastern horizon, where we made love on the rocks so long ago, where our selfsame separate memories intermingled, each with the other, where i wandered from shore to shore, and looked to the mirror moon for comfort, and found your arms

a 3am txt never sent
#love   #moon   #lighthouse  
Apr 28, 2014

grey skies roll
clouded tropical
of future falls
shrouding skies
and shifting seas
from sad-eyed lowlands
to mountain highs
and we as trees
shiver branches
ever extending
shootings in the breeze
at arm’s reach
we never touch
too far apart
and as such
falling droplets
slip through fingers
and shatter the ground
an endless coming down
our roots soaked through
and craving more
all around
aroused from slumber
the petrichor grows
slowly floating up
and filling the air

composed at sunrise as the first storm rolled overhead
#love   #rain   #thoughts  
Feb 7, 2012

Stalking your Tumblr, brief insights.
I attempt to reconcile the feminine, as something I cannot give.
(I am the polar bear on the floor)
My mind wanders and wonders,
As I call one last time.
She's not picking up.
Is she?
Am I not enough?

Feb 22, 2012

The undercurrents of society flow,
Like dreaming fog lights caught in the undertow.
A lone warrior fights only with himself,
So that soon one day he can be put on the shelf,
Ready to be picked at the drop of a hat,
Sadly misused I know not what is said.
Forty two mistletoe drive is where my baby lies,
Under the shade of my boondocks ride,
So long and farewell my princess belle,
No two times go together very well.

May 7, 2013

Something here is not quite right.
The days have become shorter
And we are no longer certain
Of our respective fates in the world.
The times have changed and now
We are all alone.
There is no longer any light
Guiding us and we are floating
In a dark space from which there is no escape
Or reprieve.
Blank looks become our faces
And we find ourselves wandering the streets
Again, aimless and without reproach
For our crimes.
The things that once motivated
And inspired us
Have long lost their appeal
And all of our prejudices and hates
Have come back to haunt us,
Again and again.
We no longer hope for a better world
For ourselves or for anyone,
But instead
Wish our pain upon everyone we see
In these cold and bitter streets.
The night is coming soon
And with it will bring an end
To all of this.
There is nothing left except pain
And suffering.
The distance between us is widening.
We no longer communicate.
All of our technology
Has enslaved us.
We will all die alone
And with a mountain of regret
That we will never share with anyone.
A noxious gas has descended
Upon humanity and is filling
Our very souls with its vapid waste
And toxic demeanour
And now we are forced to endure
The coming dark age
With no one
And nothing to protect us
Or save us.
We wait patiently for our fate.
There is no optimism.
The time has come
To lay down our defences
And submit
To the coming reign of terror.
It is no use to fight anything.
Our time has come
And passed us by.
We have failed.
We have failed ourselves.
We have failed our world.
And we have failed each other.
Good luck.

Aug 27, 2012

two ships a-sailin’ on the water, where the seagulls fly
a high wind’s a-bowin in their minds, into the night
some say that time is an illusion, seven seconds die
and i watch the first of my solutions, hang me out to dry

all across the watch tower she says to me, her lover’s gone
seems to me to be that he was a-waiting, for the world to come
tell your friends that you have been a-watching, for another fall
hear the call of the falling bird who will tell you, you deserve the world

another door towards your evolution, knock knock who’s there?
your blood stained hair flows everywhere, but not to me
with one eye closed upon my invitation, will go unsung
and into the depths of my creation, we’ll come undone

’cause the answer, is blowin’ in the mind

Feb 8, 2012

Park life dawns
Down on the grass
High on the path
Ships sail at
Half mast
Towards new waters
Under the sun

Oct 14, 2013

The undercurrents of society flow,
Like dreaming fog lights caught in the undertow.
A lone warrior fights only with himself,
So that soon one day he can be put on the shelf,
Ready to be picked at the drop of a hat,
Sadly misused I know not what is said.
Forty two mistletoe drive is where my baby lies,
Under the shade of my boondocks ride,
So long and farewell my princess belle,
No two times go together very well.

Jun 10, 2014

alone, damp, adrift
waters rise, on the edge
the tides, the trials
and we the ones on fire
hide out, frightened
and afraid
our dying light
once more
might arise

for those
and those
#fire   #water  
Dec 25, 2012

Imagine we but two ships lost at sea,
Adrift betwixt the turbulence of time;
Cast out upon such waves set crashing free
To be the pioneers of our prime.
What wind hath set its weight upon our sails?
What rain hits hard to drown that starboard side?
The wreck of broken hearts and falling hail
Sits shrouded by thick fog of turning tides.
Forsworn to sail through tempests near and far,
And map uncharted waters on the breeze;
We press forever on towards the star
That shines its light across the open seas.
Though waves will roll and bells will toll before the morning sun,
When two ships lost at sea decide to madly come undone.

Sep 25, 2013


Take me down,
Take me out,
For all the world to see,
Eyes closed elation as they stare.

The deep coloured clothing hangs
From her fortified frame,
Highly evolved to shoot you down,
Through the heart, through the mind,
On my mind she stands, heels dig in.

Come evolve with me underground.
Bring it all back home and then
Throw it up once more.

Apr 23, 2014

You know, you take all I’ve got.
I don’t want to stop.
It’s takes far too long.
And we, can never get away.
I’m trying every day.
To be the one you want.
So go, take it all away.
I’m dying now today,
And we can’t even leave, tonight.
Today, you seem so far away.
It comes in many waves,
The biggest ones we’ve got.
We can't be what we're not.
Believe, we can move ahead.
I don't know what I said,
To make you run away.

But, I won’t see you any more.
I’m headed for that door.
So please don’t talk to me.
For now, I’ve taken off with her.
It’s something we've deferred,
Again without a friend.
And don’t look out for me,
‘Cause you'll see I’m doing fine,
and you’re way out of line,
for forgetting that I’m here.
I see, you’re falling over there,
There’s something in your hair,
but you can’t brush it out from here,
oh no! Oh no!

Get away.

I hate the way you breathe.
I hate the way you see,
Me in this state of mine.
State of mind,
Out of time.
I see you passing out behind
The concert ticket line.
I know it’s up to me.

But I get so excited when you’re near.
And it's not exactly clear
What I’m even trying to say.
So I'll get away,
I’m leaving here today.
I’ll go be on my way.
Nothing more to say.
Don’t get in the way.
I’m not here to play.

It’s good enough to fail.
Insist on being my best friend,
When it all comes to an end.
I won’t know where I stand.

ramblings of the abandoned
Sep 24, 2013

Fraught with ginger headlights blowing
Down the wind that keeps you knowing
About the lost temptation longed for
From the highland town on the foreshore,
We see a dark presence engulf
What was once a mere meeting post
Of ornaments and statues speaking out
To all that hear them scream and shout.

Tiring from the overtime unpaid
The pretty ladies fade away
Dreading the fifth movement of the piece,
Though waiting as though ill at ease
Along the back decks of the seventh sage
Never longing or showing their grace
The forever lost again find a place.

May 7, 2013

Everything here is as it should be.
The sun hangs knowingly in the sky
And the true path of our existence and future
Here on this planet is illuminated in our hearts.
Times have changed and we
Have been brought out of the darkness
Together and into the light,
Guided by all the knowledge accumulated
Throughout collective histories of humanity.
Smiles are returning to the faces
Of all the people we see meandering
Down the street without a care in the world.
Inspiration grips our attention at every turn
And it seems that everything once seemingly
So plain and ordinary is now bursting
With a beauty and radiance never before beheld.
A new hope for the world fills our imagination
As we strive together towards
The warm and reassuring light.
The sun is rising in the distance
Over the horizon
Bringing in the new dawn.
Ecstasy and unbridled joy abound.
We are coming together in new and interesting ways.
We are in constant communion.
Our technological achievements
Have set us free.
We march onwards
Towards an everlasting and eternal existence
Together without a backwards glance
At a forgotten past.
A thin mist rises
From the mountains filling our souls
With delight at the coming enlightenment
Whereby we will all be saved.
We await our destiny.
Nothing can possibly go wrong.
The time has come to strive
Together into this new awakening.
It is inevitable.
Our time has come at last.
We have transcended.
We have transcended ourselves.
We have transcended our world.
We have transcended each other.
Hold on.

May 31, 2012

Rain here falls too and with it
The sentimental smell that solitude brings
Sings in remembrance of times long past
That vast flood of memory mourning
The precipitation and the dissipation
Of a love cut short too soon

Oct 9, 2013

Don’t go, oh baby don’t go.
I’ve been around the block
Looking high and low,
For the answer we keep,
For the workers are weak,
And it’s time to turn the tables.

So listen to the fables,
And the tales the preachers tell.
They mispronounce disaster,
Though their lives are a living hell.
And the rainbow comes
To save me,
When the daisy cutters die,
And the shadow boxing household
Gives us a better chance to cry.

For the angels find the future,
And they hear the shadows fall.
The ragged rangers read their books,
But they never hear the call.
The mission bell it screams and yells
To the missionaries on the floor.
They just shot up
And are taking to the cup,
But their heads are now out the door.

To be discovered never more.
I don’t mind.
There is no time.
But for me, I’m out of line,
When I say to you
That you never know who
Will come out from the shadows
And into the light,
And the one that you love
Is directly in sight.

Take your time my dear friend.
Open your gates
To the mythical plates,
And the place that you know,
Where you go to be alone.

All of your friends
Want to see you again.
They want you
To bum all their smokes
And hold all their hands;
To drink all their scotch,
And snort all their lines,
To smoke all their weed,
And to drink all their wine.


Sep 23, 2013

It was in that moment
The treasured instant infinite
That marked the long divide
Of time that goes by
And trails off towards
The dying night
Of a million lost lights
That slowly wither
In to their place
Their rightful place
Amongst the fallen
And long forgotten

Mar 24, 2014

With the lost boy syndrome that he once did know,
Chained to Ockham's Razor and a broken window,
The eternal optimist averts his gaze
From shadows projected upon Plato's cave,
To the world outside beyond shattered glass
Where taking flight or falling fast
Is boon or bust
And fairy dust.

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