your mouth is nice.

it spills


over the evening

and feels as

moonjerked nightjabbed

with wide dust of

warm fingers.

its curt;
its cut

of sunspear


and magic hurt

pulls over kiss

pushes through

starsabled and winged

dreaming of nightfist.

it does the moon thing
and curls with
bright rushes
of lip.

its splendor is cool mute
and filled with

c'est saison;
c'est saison du veux.

and where it sleeps,
my mouth sleeps too.

"because those who worship weakness should never be surprised they serve those who do not."

taste feels to reach to
deeply between kiss


where least sleeps spring
and calls by mouth

your hips to sing,





One dumb fucking mouth speaks
does eat
the face by

two thin chords
of pink sweating
easily .

it yammers it says
something about
the weather whether

or not
it might rain

heaping into
the pinched

the fat trill
thinness of
its head:


i have always loved the summer who
walks through white splendor the hot
looseness of rough sex in a cheap motel
somewhere in Oregon.

feels good reading whitman reading nietzsche reading christ and feeling cool between the pages of neat words how many songs of myself there is sung how many days of summer spent inside quiet and dark dark inside quiet and summer to put my teeth in and roll over the tongue the tense dew of youth and drink the pollen of easy flowers.

(to be where you are amongst your neck and your shoulders feeling needfully hunched and youthfuly broken )

to break and to be broken by–

upon rocks
upon skittering
coils of noonlight–

(the trees mark it there is a path very deeply within them

where there is cool and etherized
by curls around of night smoke)

But all that wants to be
to be inside
(to taste)
and to meet with

the uncertain darkness
of life:

girl hips, 2 in the morning, the ocean




seems to
bright seems to
trill with–

poem and
a little song;

often and curiously to struggle beneath
the wide sound of its voice:

its own letter,

its own verse.

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