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I've never written a good poem.

Cool. it makes me feel
(the ocean when)
words do not the lightening
of the long sky,

in undrab Spring(a body is proposed)

of flowerets and garland roses
(green at the knees
between the hips
stoking         )in profusion

their broke
(the fur stroke

                  singing  )

stop enjoying the beautiful things other people make.

start making the beautiful things other people enjoy.


                                                    the damn



her tits the i

suddenly light
(which inexplicable mountains have torn)

                         Your fist
                         is prettiest

it opens

icanfeelsome cold
(hard birds between)
in Portland
there is a red brick building
building between
the hard cold
and some birds

(      i  can  feel   )

the fuck you are i love the way it's.
the and it
the does way
(forked dolllike riven).

                                                                                                     ?suppose ouy od

                             why not some let's the?


                           (and maybe even harder)

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