Nessa Kay
Nessa Kay
4 days ago

It's terrible not knowing
It tastes  like sand and dread
crushed between your gums
digging and prodding at your weakness
when the signs were there from the start

Nessa Kay
Nessa Kay
5 days ago

I was out of breath just walking with you.
It wasn't the sun
or the hay bathed heat,
it was the passion
with which you held your silence
that harkened the blood from my veins
and flushed my emotions
clear across my cheeks.

#love   #romance   #summer   #crush   #seasons  
Nessa Kay
Nessa Kay
6 days ago

The flavor burned
it was too strong
and too much
I wanted to taste it
I wanted to burn

#fear   #passion   #dreams  
Nessa Kay
Nessa Kay
6 days ago

with a voice made of velvet
fresh off the steam
he held up the tent
we'd come to call a stage

Nessa Kay
Nessa Kay
7 days ago

And just like that, it was so simple
all daytime, flowers, and sunshine
or things
about which birds sing
He was patience
and madness
and simply
a beautiful night sky
just waiting for me to paint him.

#love   #crush  
Nessa Kay
Nessa Kay
Mar 19

I was furious
because I had been so completely
out of control-
lungs shaking
throat clenching in my path
and spiraling out faster than
that moment before depth,
all because the heart on my sleeve
was bleeding through
and I couldn't stand the stains.

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