A Stoned World Order    1996 -    
Eric W
Eric W   (1992 - )
Sacha   (1988 - )
Sometimes pain creates beauty, although the one in pain seldom enjoys it.
Grez   (1991 - )
Nonsense and misery, But I'm usually happy! I'm a father and a scientist of sorts, in that order.
Weeping willow
Weeping willow   (1952 - )
Darkness is not the absence of light,but the cover for it. When you feel only darkness or pain or see it in another. Look beneath ...
~ 17, amateur.
Dark n Beautiful
Dark n Beautiful   (1960 - )
I am who I am that warm and cuddly a lover of poetry and one lovely lady. that me Dark@Beautiful Perhaps some of my poems ...
Ellie Chestnut
Ellie Chestnut   (1995 - )
Atlanta. 21. Animal//Person. If we walk with the things that tear us apart they become all we have left
SoulSurvivor   (1957 - )
A writer and an artist. A musician as well. In need of a Savior, I was just a shell. I was a heavy drinker. Alcoholic, ...
Awesome Annie
Awesome Annie   (1985 - )
I breathe poetry it seems.....I love getting lost in it. Pen in hand or reading others art.
The Hollow Within
The Hollow Within   (1984 - )
I'm not a poet, just a man who strings words together and hopes they sound right. I'm not a writer, just a guy with strange ...
Alexandra Provan
Alexandra Provan   (1989 - )
I love to express My daily feelings and thoughts Especially in poetry Especially in words
I sporadically write mediocre poems. I find it to be therapeutic in a way.
Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream I am a traveler of both time and space, to be ...
Swasti Jain
Swasti Jain  
I love to pen down my thoughts because they're either too beautiful or too deep. My poems contain a message. Also, I love capturing the ...
Ciel De Verre   (2000 - )
A twelve year old, with broken wings, seduced by the nature of poetry. I've nearly given up trying. Err...also, copyright? <------sorry, just my awkwardness showing ...
"I will never let your cloud go grey."
Fredrick Njoroge
Fredrick Njoroge   (1991 - )
Hello all, my name is Fredrick, i'm an undergrad college student that is quiet, shy motivated, honest and funny, I enjoy listening to music, writing ...
Luiz Syphre
Luiz Syphre   (1975 - )
Hello and thanks for stopping by. I've been writing about my life thru poetry since I was a teen. Most of pieces therefore come from ...
Michael Marchese
Michael Marchese   (1994 - )
"You want a piece of my mind? There is no peace to find" -Parkway Drive "When I became the sun I shone life into the ...
I am WillyamPax from the Philippines and now residing here in Saudi Arabia for work. I am not a writer but a sensitive aspiring artist ...
Leila Shearer
Leila Shearer   (1999 - )
Previously known as Kiwi-Girl7 "I like to use my brokenness to make poetry. I sprinkle my worn out soul onto the ink of my pen, ...
NvrMnd   (1992 - )
I may be gone for a little while but I will always come back here.. and that's the only thing I am certain.
Implosive silence
oli   (2000 - )
these words i write are my internal being begging to get out
FraisDeLaFerme   (1982 - )
Farmer and father and former folk musician who quite enjoys his privacy I have no plans for my writing Never much of a reader, but ...
Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone   (1991 - )
My Nick name: Lidi My Birth name: Lydia I edit my writing as I'm posting it usually haha! “Always be a poet, even in prose.” ...
Kelsey Rhoads
Kelsey Rhoads   (1999 - )
If you understand, I'm sorry. Stay strong friend. I would say music is my escape.. But poetry has my heart. Snapchat me @golddigger2001
Lexander J
Lexander J   (1996 - )
'Surrounding myself with nothing I have brought about my own exile, It's only when everything's gone That you see what made life so worthwhile.'
Lips of Dust
Lips of Dust  
"I live because the mountains do not laugh and the worms do not sing."
Eddie Starr Poetry
Eddie Starr Poetry   (1961 - )
I live because Christ strengthen me. I want to be healed and I want everyone healed. I want to suffer not to suffer, but by ...
Sunshinehappiness   (1987 - )
I am dust that spins in gust of winds
Corvus   (1992 - )
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdrwoA_7URA "You didn't have to run, stop, run." I'm the tiny dude in the oversized coat with the tiny camera and the flimsy tripod pretending ...
Realeboga M
Realeboga M  
Lets hope for a better tomorrow :)
Eefs Jungmann
Eefs Jungmann   (1997 - )
Little Lady ARF  
My name is Amanda. I am 14, I write because poetry runs through my veins. My mother Lady R.F is my inspiration. I aspire to ...
Austen girl
Austen girl   (1995 - )
Kaley Kerchaert
Kaley Kerchaert   (1997 - )
kaley kerchaert <3 Music! Play Guitar an Piano.. I believe in true love.. I believe in God.. And in second chances :) <3 Writting with ...
Becca Addams
Becca Addams  
Stay "determined."
Harsh Sandhu
Harsh Sandhu  
words float in my mind and my heart helps me to make them meaningful.. ## A sea of poems within me if you want some ...
its gonna make sense
its gonna make sense   (1995 - )
doesn't make any sense trying hard to be a poet in between- madness and sanity, reality and fantasy. Twitter, IG & Wattpad : @IGMSOfficial
Aaron Combs
Aaron Combs   (1991 - )
David Mitchell
David Mitchell  
i'm a weeping willow tree, a hot cup of irish black tea, a door-less skeleton key, i'm an undefined wannabe. pedantic as can be.
Inkveined   (1997 - )
Let go.
Elea   (1989 - )
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue   (1961 - )
A movement, in time. :D Shine we must, as beacons bright examples to the stars at night and down below, in afterglow inspire dreams, and ...
C F Tinney
C F Tinney   (1967 - )
A private kind-of-folk.
athrx   (2000 - )
here I post the stupid poetry I wrote ahaaa
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