A Stoned World Order    1996 -    
Just Good Poetry   (24 followers)
anything you believe deserves some acclaim and hasn't been noticed much by anyone, or anything that is so good you can't help but want to give it even more praise. I ask only that members ...
Something Rather Odd   (55 followers)
whether writing something that's weird or a bit off, or finding one by someone else, everything is welcome here. feel free to let loose and give some exposure to people who deserve it for being ...
Life's Story   (15 followers)
Collection of poems on life, love and lies....
Joy , love, pain and life   (110 followers)
This is a group for poets who want to submit their poems on love, pain, life, joy and pain. Have fun and live life to the fullest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VA   (16 followers)
Share your mind
Aaawesome Flow   (50 followers)
Poems that have a great sense of rhythm and flow.
Ethereal Poetry   (106 followers)
Divine - extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.
Exceptional Poetry   (128 followers)
Unforgettable ink
Wordsmith   (134 followers)
A skilled user of words
You Make Me Laugh   (43 followers)
Sometimes things get too dark. Here's a place where you can literally share a smile! :)
The End Of The Road   (15 followers)
Or is it? Poems about loss and bereavement. Death is not a subject to be feared, for it may be only another beginning. The topic can inspire many works of beauty.
A Storm of Words   (134 followers)
Great poems that need more reviews.. Feel free to add your own poems, or the ones written by your poetfriends, doesn't really matter, as long as they're amazing :)))
Wordsworth Ave.   (107 followers)
“Tired, tired with nothing, tired with everything, tired with the world’s weight we never chose to bear.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald W̨̝͚̩̲̜̫͇̎̽͂̍̉ơ̴̗͙̗͔̩̪͒̒̄̀̾̕ͅr̴̨̡̡̠̲͕̹̮͋̔͐͗̂̌͆̈́ͅt̴̢͕̮͈͔̣̩̣̔̀̄̑͛̔̈͘͢͟͡h͇̝̻̣̤͉̎̂̀̓͋̋̈̉̃͞w̵͍͙̼͎̥͛̃̿̄̔̎̿r̷̨̛̛̛͖̩͔̯͍͙͋̈́t̶̢̖͍̗̩̺̰̲̊̀̆̀̄̿̕͟͝͝͡h̜̪̮̘̟͓̒̎̍̎̈́͐͑̚͘͜W̨̝͚̩̲̜̫͇̎̽͂̍̉ơ̴̗͙̗͔̩̪͒̒̄̀̾̕ͅr̴̨̡̡̠̲͕̹̮͋̔͐͗̂̌͆̈́ͅt̴̢͕̮͈͔̣̩̣̔̀̄̑͛̔̈͘͢͟͡h͇̝̻̣̤͉̎̂̀̓͋̋̈̉̃͞w̵͍͙̼͎̥͛̃̿̄̔̎̿r̷̨̛̛̛͖̩͔̯͍͙͋̈́t̶̢̖͍̗̩̺̰̲̊̀̆̀̄̿̕͟͝͝͡h̜̪̮̘̟͓̒̎̍̎̈́͐͑̚͘͜W̨̝͚̩̲̜̫͇̎̽͂̍̉ơ̴̗͙̗͔̩̪͒̒̄̀̾̕ͅr̴̨̡̡̠̲͕̹̮͋̔͐͗̂̌͆̈́ͅt̴̢͕̮͈͔̣̩̣̔̀̄̑͛̔̈͘͢͟͡h͇̝̻̣̤͉̎̂̀̓͋̋̈̉̃͞w̵͍͙̼͎̥͛̃̿̄̔̎̿r̷̨̛̛̛͖̩͔̯͍͙͋̈́t̶̢̖͍̗̩̺̰̲̊̀̆̀̄̿̕͟͝͝͡h̜̪̮̘̟͓̒̎̍̎̈́͐͑̚͘͜W̨̝͚̩̲̜̫͇̎̽͂̍̉ơ̴̗͙̗͔̩̪͒̒̄̀̾̕ͅr̴̨̡̡̠̲͕̹̮͋̔͐͗̂̌͆̈́ͅt̴̢͕̮͈͔̣̩̣̔̀̄̑͛̔̈͘͢͟͡h͇̝̻̣̤͉̎̂̀̓͋̋̈̉̃͞w̵͍͙̼͎̥͛̃̿̄̔̎̿r̷̨̛̛̛͖̩͔̯͍͙͋̈́t̶̢̖͍̗̩̺̰̲̊̀̆̀̄̿̕͟͝͝͡h̜̪̮̘̟͓̒̎̍̎̈́͐͑̚͘͜W̨̝͚̩̲̜̫͇̎̽͂̍̉ơ̴̗͙̗͔̩̪͒̒̄̀̾̕ͅr̴̨̡̡̠̲͕̹̮͋̔͐͗̂̌͆̈́ͅt̴̢͕̮͈͔̣̩̣̔̀̄̑͛̔̈͘͢͟͡h͇̝̻̣̤͉̎̂̀̓͋̋̈̉̃͞w̵͍͙̼͎̥͛̃̿̄̔̎̿r̷̨̛̛̛͖̩͔̯͍͙͋̈́t̶̢̖͍̗̩̺̰̲̊̀̆̀̄̿̕͟͝͝͡h̜̪̮̘̟͓̒̎̍̎̈́͐͑̚͘͜W̨̝͚̩̲̜̫͇̎̽͂̍̉ơ̴̗͙̗͔̩̪͒̒̄̀̾̕ͅr̴̨̡̡̠̲͕̹̮͋̔͐͗̂̌͆̈́ͅt̴̢͕̮͈͔̣̩̣̔̀̄̑͛̔̈͘͢͟͡h͇̝̻̣̤͉̎̂̀̓͋̋̈̉̃͞w̵͍͙̼͎̥͛̃̿̄̔̎̿r̷̨̛̛̛͖̩͔̯͍͙͋̈́t̶̢̖͍̗̩̺̰̲̊̀̆̀̄̿̕͟͝͝͡h̜̪̮̘̟͓̒̎̍̎̈́͐͑̚͘͜W̨̝͚̩̲̜̫͇̎̽͂̍̉ơ̴̗͙̗͔̩̪͒̒̄̀̾̕ͅr̴̨̡̡̠̲͕̹̮͋̔͐͗̂̌͆̈́ͅt̴̢͕̮͈͔̣̩̣̔̀̄̑͛̔̈͘͢͟͡h͇̝̻̣̤͉̎̂̀̓͋̋̈̉̃͞w̵͍͙̼͎̥͛̃̿̄̔̎̿r̷̨̛̛̛͖̩͔̯͍͙͋̈́t̶̢̖͍̗̩̺̰̲̊̀̆̀̄̿̕͟͝͝͡h̜̪̮̘̟͓̒̎̍̎̈́͐͑̚͘͜W̨̝͚̩̲̜̫͇̎̽͂̍̉ơ̴̗͙̗͔̩̪͒̒̄̀̾̕ͅr̴̨̡̡̠̲͕̹̮͋̔͐͗̂̌͆̈́ͅt̴̢͕̮͈͔̣̩̣̔̀̄̑͛̔̈͘͢͟͡h͇̝̻̣̤͉̎̂̀̓͋̋̈̉̃͞w̵͍͙̼͎̥͛̃̿̄̔̎̿r̷̨̛̛̛͖̩͔̯͍͙͋̈́t̶̢̖͍̗̩̺̰̲̊̀̆̀̄̿̕͟͝͝͡h̜̪̮̘̟͓̒̎̍̎̈́͐͑̚͘͜ All members and followers welcome to post anything they like, especially the new members ...
Spread the Love ❤️✏️   (90 followers)
Simply a collection trying to get more poetry out there and read by more people. Anyone can add anything. Let's spread the poetic love and support ;)
Storms   (102 followers)
Life brings us storms when we least expect them Storms that are happy , or storms that are constant torture But at the end of it were all warriors fighting for the better
A Ripped Page From My Journal   (70 followers)
Some poems remind you of someone else. But other poems, they remind you of yourself, as if someone tore a page from your diary. Those are the kinds of poems that will find a home ...
Polished Poetry   (123 followers)
Polished Poetry - Made To Shine.
Impeccable Poetry   (155 followers)
Let Us Free Our Minds And Give Our Poetry Wings. You are most welcome to follow my other collection "Impeccable Poetry - Part II" Thank you most kindly. Rosalie - Lady R.F xxx
Spill your heart   (67 followers)
Whatever you wanna shrare. Let's just listen to our heart's rhythm and understand what they wanna say...
Poetic Party Crew....   (143 followers)
This is a group for poets that want to have fun.   You can submit any type of poem. Enjoy life every day.  You only have one life so enjoy it.
The New Gods of Swag   (105 followers)
A happy place to hype your fellow poets! **Please, do not post your own poetry on this collection. Also, any writing posted here that is derogatory toward another poet and/or written to cause drama will ...
Genius Speaks   (70 followers)
The name says it all. If a poem is truly a work of transcendental art, if it took considerable genius to be able to craft, if the meaning or lesson goes over the average thought, ...
Exceptional Poem   (197 followers)
"You are the poem that sticks in my throat teaching me to whisper with the voice of my heart." Jessica Kristie
PoetElite   (146 followers)
"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." Robert Frost To post your poems in this collection you have to go to your poem and click on + ...
Best sour and sweet poems   (142 followers)
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again. Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar To post your poems in this collection you have to go ...
Poetfreaks   (135 followers)
This is more like a family reunion, baby! haha.. How to add a poem to this collection: 1) Follow this collection 2) Visit your poem. 3) There's a + button a the bottom section. 4) ...
Reminds Me of You   (90 followers)
Everything that you read/write that reminds you of someone. Happy or sad, both are welcomed. keep it classy. :)
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