A Stoned World Order    1996 -    
"Let’s go back to the world
That was 30 years ago
And let’s believe this is our time"
"Let’s go back to the world
That was 30 years ago
And let’s believe this is our time"
17 hours ago

In the end of the giants' slumber
The march of a forgotten platoon
Death of thousands is but a number
As machine guns play the only tune

There's an end, but to what, I ask you
The world, or only the one we've known
In which the masses praise the few
That use them as tools to gain the throne

Three sides in a war with visions so abstract
Three lives to forsake, left to maroon
Three giants waiting a lifetime to act
Three boys becoming men too soon

& the screams were haunting,
Their eyes were red
The echoing anguish of cannibal elite
Somewhere between the lands
Of the living & the dead
They were still winning, so close to defeat

still slightly far off, I heard their shots blare
But something was much closer, the mindscape of despair
for comrade by comrade, I'd seen many go
& now I lie watching the bodies, still staying low

there I am, that is I, lying in festering soil
every muscle is ravished, all my skin left to spoil
& I thought to myself it had all been a trap
Ha! I thought we could win? we would never go back.

with all the wrong steps left to make
how can one weigh the danger?
Hell, they were the only steps left to take,
dark and cold. each breath took up the shape of a stranger

Through days bleak & falsely calm
Halted down the path of doubt
They couldn't have seen there was a way out
Those seconds didn't want to pass
We won't make it out alive
But deep inside they knew that the sun would soon arrive

& somehow they lived to tell the tale
After the ecstatic moment of taking the leap
But with all the shards of rain that impale
They knew that the giants won't forever sleep

22 hours ago

Wrap me up in the colors of your new world
For in your castle I am just a stone
I am no more than a weapon
Another bone used to build your throne

But if we're all nomads in the wasteland of life,
there's no country we can call our home

The tired flags made no promise to the wind
But they still paint our days red
The world brought itself to its knees
To welcome the living into lands of the dead

& I still await for the sign from the shores
A silent symphony of the deep weeping sea
I still look for her beyond the dreams of thousand wars
In the pale moonlight, where she said she'll be

I still await for the light once forsaken
To color the waves when they're put to sleep
I cry for that world, once united, now taken
From the haven of hearts, into sorrow so deep

& I welcome the eternity, a dream in monochrome
Wherever I roam is the place I call home


"In the pale moonlight, where she said she'll be" is a phrase from the movie "Johnny got his gun" (1973), which actually inspired me to write this poem
  1d  NB
1 day ago

•fig•ment : something made up or contrived
•re•al•i•ty : the quality or state of being real

Dreaming while sleeping, and sometimes awake
Whimsical fancies fueling escape

Wishing is for the uncertainties
Collecting more than three from genies

Checking out my daily horoscope
Astrology might give me some hope

Calling out all the deities I know
Bending my knees, blessings they might bestow

The magic still holds expectations
Of this world its seen from all views

But the signs are unclear, faded
It doesn't feel useful when put to use

And I still await, alone
For something that may just come passing by

Or maybe in the form of an angel
Dancing with howling clouds across the sky

Collaboration with my friend, NB. I'm so happy with this one, thank you for accepting my request!
1 day ago

Don't you ever smile when you're lonely
Don't you shut the red in your eyes?
A world can't be made of right things only
But maybe it's too late to realize

A change now seems too dramatic
The hell of things that we want the most
The lights are trembling, but the scheme is static
That image of us walking down the coast

But it wasn't me
It wasn't you
It wasn't anything we knew
It wasn't what we divided or shared
It wasn't the sky
Nor the sea
My world was much more blue
An anthology of stories unpaired

There was only the night, our silent talks
Series of sentences incomplete
Ink raining down from the world in a box
But the confessions remained discrete

I still thought that competing was too fun
Just us against a bewildering sky
With wings of wax far enough from the sun
I dared not to change myself... so why would you try?

Yet it wasn't me
It wasn't her
It was just a straight line
Just a body in motion in fading blur
Not what we've seen
Nor what it seemed
It was a trace of tainted but divine
It was the wake of what we never were


1 day ago

I've felt the wave when you were born
That rhapsody within my veins
A heavy crown of thorns I've worn
A melting mask & rusted chains

I've heard the red skies weep for me
A trance within a milligram
I've burned in sullen ecstasy
To paint the dawn with what I am

The picture of a past life I've laid
Deep within the sand
& a cryptic writing
Only for the lost ones to understand
I've buried a heart of glass
That was ready to await
So that new worlds would grow
From the one that you create

But beyond the life we've known
Beyond the lines drawn to erase
Memory lost, a flower grown
Our love might have left the trace

That's how I felt that you were born
That rhapsody deep in my veins
A dream confined, but not forlorn
Like echoes of a thousand rains


  2d  NB
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
Dec 27, 2016

I come from a place
Where reality's a dream
We sleepwalk awake
Silent are the screams

Uncertainty is certain
Lies are absolute
Destruction just creates
The vital and minute

Consciously unaware
Of our intended mistakes
Reminded to forget
That giving only takes

I come from a place
Where eyes never see
Through the mists of illusion
Surrounding you and me

2 days ago

What remains when nothing is left
A distant dream of a wishing well
If God gave us order, then we made chaos
From a world that seems like another planet's hell

Could we change a mistake somewhere back in time
Or it was all a part of the plan
To bleed just for the sake of bleeding
Silenced in the shadow of a wicker man

To your ears, the praise we've sung
In your eyes, we're standing tall
In darkness of the serpent's tongue
We're all for one, & one for all

To you, we've been just wayward souls
A generation suicidal
Puppets with well defined roles
A tribe that burned its every idol

But in the noise of discontent
We break, bend, or falsely repent
The less we're defined, the more we exist
A nightmare for such a utopist

If one rejoiced in hearing us weep
Behind the dark curtains of sleep
Is that why life just repeated the scene?
That angry sound, voice of the machine

To your ears, we've sung the praise
What we were is all we can be
There's no destination, just different ways
In a black hole of infinity

We've never found the other side
Only a wasteland, empty shell
& this whole life was but a ride
To just another planet's hell


"Maybe this world is another planet's hell" - Aldous Huxley
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