A Stoned World Order    1996 -    
11 hours ago

The city spins
To rhythms fierce
A sound that no one ever hears
A clockwork heart
It's beating on
The march of the automaton

The great ones rose
To tame a land
That even God couldn't understand
They're servants now
Grinding their teeth
To protect those that live beneath

For they too serve
The one below
The throne of thought born eons ago
When free were neither flesh nor mind
Fretwork without matter designed

Now he hides
within darkest cells
beyond the place where silence dwells
Where Cogs of Time more slowly spin
Protecting those that live within

The planet turns
No hands released
When beauty collides with the Beast
The engines sing
On every street
So that time itself they would cheat

Alternate future
A lifelong dream
The waking of the gods of steam
Who changed the great hierarchy
''The ones you rule won't set you free''


1 day ago

I will never speak to you
& you'll never know who I am
A stranger in a lonesome ghost crowd
Staring at your hologram

You will never find out
That beyond the counterfeit shine
I saw there could've been more
A heart with a different design

'cause among the dreams you sell
Wildest wishes of the lonely
Broken fates of those once sane
Behind that new, polished shell
I found sorrow singing softly
But no traces of disdain

Behind all the smiles on TV
All they expected from you
I have seen one glowing gently
I have felt the one that's true

But you'll never know that I saw
Embers of love 'neath that dark veil
You'll never know that someone reached
Hearts of silence beyond the pale

Some words must remain unsaid
Floating in the endless rivers
When dreams with real world collide
& the roses on your bed
Will become blades that impale me
Ghosts of my romanticide


2 days ago

Carry me to the moon
Bury me with the stars
Back to that piece of sky that we called ours
Tuck me within the winds
Paint us across these trails
The high skies that no voyager ever sails

So we cannot be forgotten
Make history, with no names
So that we can cast our shadows
In the way of glowing flames
& so that you learn what I feel
When my eyes reflect your face
How I wish to take you where we somehow might have left the Trace

Take me above the sunlight
Push me beneath the earth
Fade with me, before we find the long age of rebirth
Burn me within the shadows
Drown me in frostbound eyes
& help me reach the silent planet, help me rise

Someday maybe we'll gaze at oceans on the same frequency
& we'll see the death of time, & hear the fade-out of a dream
Just maybe, we'll remember what others would simply deny
A life without the joy of it, beyond this ash gray sky


  2d  NB
2 days ago

Some people settle
with comfort and
familiarity and
never grow to learn
what's possible

They walk
with tired dim torches
afraid to run
in fear of losing
their light

They are blind
to the knowledge that
their fire is fading
and soon will
their sight

There will come a time
when the dark envelopes the light
so don't be afraid to run
with your fire
for it may grow brighter
than you ever thought before

Some people
walk into the darkness
with their tired dim torches
without ever having known
how bright

They could have shined..

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2 days ago

The paper makes no sound anymore
No one to turn the page
& all the books we wrote together
Are burned in this strange war we wage

Maybe my ink drips into your dreams
But it will never be seen
Either 'cause you desire
To feel the cold of different colors
Or just to keep the past clean

You will never know me
You won't EVER understand
The meaning of my late night novels
Or the symbols in the sand

You will never know us
The one who fades
& the one who never repents
All their secrets locked, kept safely
In the diary of a year of strange events

The paper makes no sound anymore
The winds have hushed the streets
There's only lines
Meaningless signs
Stains on these untouched sheets


3 days ago

Maybe dreams are made memory to keep
Of another world, different lifetime
Maybe we only remember when we sleep
That words we spoke to each other used to rhyme
without the part I've with you left
I am but a lone shore without a sea
A painting of colors & shapes bereft
& maybe
you're the same without me?
through new words to reach out to you
(A night without stars,
bird without feathers)
On an old page that keeps the hearts of two
Where letters make words & then...
words make letters


an old piece..
4 days ago

We've always known of the two that dwell within
Taught that neither,
ever could completely win
But there's no joy in not trying, no feeling of relief
When the one worthy of a throne
Must be made a thief

We've always seen the duality in reflection
The road to hell as simple misdirection
A place made for sinners,
Where the eternal night always wins
& the good had been forgiving evil ever since

maybe our faith was no more than hope
That the abandoned one will come again
A glimmer on the horizons,
Sign of the cross in the skies
To defeat the fire that was passed down to man

We've always known of the two that dwell within
Remembering that even Jesus
Had an evil twin
Whose hands carried the steel
Whose words have cursed our days
Whose torches, carried by our brothers
Set the world ablaze

We've always seen the duality in reflection
But a divided world is a misconception
There were just different colors
Given to the waves
To make slaves of kings, & new kings from slaves

'cause man is made of water
we're just like the sea
reflecting the skies when the surface is clear
our primal home was the ocean
the stillness in the endless motion
the will to make all life around us disappear

we made the Sun burn out
& we'll bring the rains
but not even in a thousand years
will they wash away the stains


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