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An innocent man does run
An innocent man does run
mercy party
mercy party
1 day ago

Don't you take time with the damage of the damaged
Don't even waste one prayer
My cold dead hands my seem warm to you
but what you should do is find a way to not even care
and start making up for lost time I borrowed
Every single day there is no tomorrow.

Issues live on no lonely island
And that's all I am and ever was
At most a cheap buzz,
not even a thrill
Stay silent, stay silent, stay still

Better with time that's what they say,
well I say,
you will lose your time waiting on they.
I will keep the sea calm you will go on
One day walking home I'll explain

Put me on the spot
I'm all out of talk
In other words I don't want you hear
And we were lucky last fall
wasn't anything at all
Stay silent, stay silent, stay clear

Second chances overrated
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mercy party
mercy party
2 days ago

Where did we break?
Didn't think i needed you
until I need you.
Didn't mean to take it this far
will you just get into the car?

I know you got your methods
God knows I have mine
Don't take me for a fool
when you take me for a ride

You don't have the strength to hold me
But you have your ways to down me.
My sin is nothing more than letting you get away
I wish that you would go back to your list of names

And I can see my waves a crashin'
Takes me down to places never seen.
A Salton Sea
A dream
I'm landlocked
And it's both of us, I'm a wreck
And I can see that you were trying
As alone I know I'm dying
I got so close

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mercy party
mercy party
5 days ago

Breath it in
Breath it in
it is the end

mercy party
mercy party
6 days ago

in this lonely land i carry no banner
and besides it's just way too cold
each night she smiled sweetly
put it together so neatly
it's all her eyes could hold
so now a session in a midnight spread
you catch a cab, the dog is fed
stop saying what you dont like
that's why you pay a decorator

mercy party
mercy party
7 days ago

you were foolish
so i left you to it
the abandoned lover
tries to recover
this is where i did go wrong
dragged along
your roadside for too long

one more night of ache
and falling for the lines
this old cheapskate was never even blind
i'd trade my shoes with the beggar
than to stay with you like this forever

so the fool walks off but then comes back
and still hangs around even though he's written out of the plot.
he should have known not to believe.
once it was, you gotta know once its not.

banker says that you've been overdrawn
you placed one half of all you had and started moving on

once it was.
it's time to go
once it's not.

#love   #sad   #life   #happy  

my life is a building
collapsing in slow motion
in my mind cars collide and i feel fine
who are you?
i dress myself
just like everybody else
i get up, turn on my light
and i think about my life
now i'm speed racer trying to make it through the night.

this one is from way back in the day,(one of my first) found it scribbled on the back of an old flyer . it wont be up long, going to delete it quick, limited time only!
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