Jacksonville, Florida    1996 -    
Once I fell in love with the sun and the sea.
Once I fell in love with the sun and the sea.

It's strange-

I guess we never really know if we are jumping into
a lake blindfolded..
I guess there will always be an obstacle or distraction
that either makes or breaks our trust;
not always permanent, but sometimes
(and even a lot of times)

So, how do we know when to fully trust,
when a betrayal has scarred us?

We don't.

That must be a blessing and a curse-
the unknown is both brutal and beautiful
and all we can do, as souls in this life an universe,
is choose to jump, tip toe in, or stay dry.

But one thing is for certain, and that is
we all dry off eventually...
even if we jump at the wrong time.

It is our own job to make the choice,
and that is what creates the beauty of the unknown.

- Am I choosing the right time to jump?

P.S. No one else can choose for you.

A journal entry from July 17, 2016.
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A moment has passed since
I could smell the ginger on your skin
and taste the honey on your lips

In this moment,
radiance shined through
the cracks of your armor
as I observed you once again
with a new sense of relief and understanding.
I listened to your hushed thoughts
break free from the shields
and flutter through the ivory marrow
of the gates which guarded
the sliver of hope I held within me

I warmly welcomed the whispers
into my home
with one memory in mind;

You and I sitting side-by-side....
Breaking each other's hearts....

And then I said to you
"I won't ever leave you.
Regardless of what you take me as.
I will always be there for you,
I promise."

Now I am here
in this moment,
keeping my promise.
And in this moment,
I am happy and full of light.

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The air was cold
and the moon was full

A gray glow
hovered over your being.
I stood silently in the street,
noticing the surrounding objects
in time.

It had been snowing,
I touched a particle in the air
and watched it dissolve on my fingertips.

Then I looked back up at your dark figure
and you smiled at me...
But this time,
with crimson flames in your pupils.

Although it was 40 degrees in Fahrenheit
on this frigid March night,
I felt heat on my chest and perspiration
sticking to my skin.

You slowly walked toward me
with hazel eyes flickering
in my direction

You raised your palm
to my cheek, just in time
to brand my fragile skin
before I could back away.

After releasing,
you smiled once more
as you turned your back to me
and walked into the abyss of the night

I fell to the asphalt,
clutching my burning cheek
with my hand
and screaming in pain-
Alone. Weeping. Cold.

And then I woke up
to the warm sun
stroking its rays along my arms,
as I turned my head
to meet the eyes
of her pure being,
and I smiled with relief.

For it was the first nightmare
in a long time
and would hopefully be the last.

In a day's lifetime,
the sun turns to the moon
to take her hand
for a single moment.
She lingers over the ocean
watching this beautiful, mystic moon
dance above the clouds,
fascinated and somber.

In a day's lifetime,
this is the significance.
This is what she, the day,
looks for-
the radiant warmth of the sky,
which glows because of their love.

In my lifetime,
I wait for that moment
every day
and I see
the gold in your eyes and hair,
where the sun has once kissed.
I see the constellation of your freckles,
where the moon has once listened
to your stories held beneath your skin,
as you wept into her breast.

In my lifetime,
I kiss your freckles.
I stroke your hair.
I admire your eyes.
I love you.

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Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace
Dec 13, 2016

It began with a simple melody

A soft and fragile phrase
Each note vibrating with color
From pale yellows
to vivid oranges and purples
Each color reminding me
of a memory not yet made

The song was entitled Elsewhere,
until I found home inside
of the Elsewhere I created

and then I thought-
maybe I was not the creator,
but the curious voyager
unknowingly searching
for her soul
which was made of
royal blue and magenta stardust-
Stardust that held a fragrance
of a lavender field and fresh peaches

The stardust shimmered in her eyes
like the night sky
and I observed the depth in her irises;
a cave of emeralds
as I was overcome with affection and curiosity
to know more

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Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace
Dec 7, 2016

I was perched on the worn carpet
in the apartment of 1904
on a quiet July morning
Tangled hair and dried up mascara
A warm cup of black coffee in hand
and a deck of tarot cards

Eager to know what the future held,
I watched the cards flip over one-by-one
in their Celtic Spread
My eyes sparkling with excitement,
I read my near future


Those were the words I remember from that one card.
Words I did not understand until now.

Words which I thought
belonged to another heart,

But it was you.

I often choose not to believe in fate.
For fate is subject to change
based on our actions and decisions-

But I chose to bring you in my life,
un-aware of the treasures
I would find sooner or later,
and that is when fate took it's course

And now
it is December 7th.
I lay in bed with you
caressing your hand
and holding you,
as if there was only
you and me in this lifetime

I do believe that
the stardust that rests
atop our vulnerable hearts
came from the same star
and maybe
it's magnetic,
just like
my tenderness for you

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Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace
Nov 21, 2016

She promotes positivity,
kindness, drive, and love.

She smiles at hard work
because the result is worth
the hardship.

She holds beneath her chest
an open heart,
ready to be embraced
by the earth and its souls.

She is sad, but she continues to smile.

She hurts
She is tired
She is alone
She is cold
But she is holding on.

Until she lets go.

She kisses her body good-bye,
as her now free spirit flies
toward the sun.

Twenty-three years leading up to this point.
Twenty-three years of a life.

She leaves behind
her family, her friends,
her past,
her present,
and her future.

She is no more.
She is gone.

But the memories linger-
like the goosebumps
following a gentle gust of wind.
Like the sweet after-taste
of red wine on a cool summer night.

She was beautiful.
She was caring.
She was struggling.
She was sad.
But she is loved.
She will always be loved.

Suicide is not to be taken lightly. Rest in peace, Lacie. You will be dearly missed.
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