1966 -   

A sad story ends
Without beginning

Embers of love glow
Fanned by refreshing  passion
Touching forever
Our souls combust mutual
Spontaneous joy aflame

Prolonging satisfaction
Exploding climax

live steel
live steel
Feb 20      Feb 21

Soft warm rain caress
Kissing unique joy within
Life's precious water

live steel
live steel
Feb 14      Feb 15

My truth lives joyful
In your love's fire eternal
eyes starlight sparkle

live steel
live steel
Oct 9, 2013

Your bright smile's pure light
Illuminates my love's truth
In brilliant joy

live steel
live steel
Jun 19, 2013

Midnight twilight glows
Driving  desires  sleepless dreams
In  isolation
Auroras dance destiny
As north touches south in love

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