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‎"...you ought to learn to laugh, my young friends, if you are hell-bent on remaining pessimists."
‎"...you ought to learn to laugh, my young friends, if you are hell-bent on remaining pessimists."
Kyle Dedalus
Kyle Dedalus
Oct 30, 2015

you spoke without speaking
i spoke without thinking

and as the final desperate words
killed what could have been kept
we smoked in silence outside
you gave me the last drag
but I declined
you took one more
and we resigned

and the first cold rain of the year
fell just a few hours later

Kyle Dedalus
Kyle Dedalus
Oct 23, 2015

Dance like nobody is watching
Because they aren't
except for me
and I am far too inside myself
To think much of it

Kyle Dedalus
Kyle Dedalus
Feb 19, 2013

Love is only as beautiful as it is depraved
Shadows are only as dark
as the light that casts them.
Life is only as happy and sad
as you need it to be.

Kyle Dedalus
Kyle Dedalus
Feb 19, 2013

Middle class tragicomedy turning darker everyday
breaching past the line of typical dysfunctional
with every dark blue bottle of vodka and
orange plastic pharmaceuticals fraudlently prescribed
black swollen bruises on mom's face
fucked up you asleep drink in hand
with the tv still on drink
while mom cried in the youngest's child's bed
the eldest kicked out for doing drugs
me on the bathroom floor learning how to disembowl a razor
and carve it into my flesh.
West Texas camping trip when you bought a motorcycle
and said have fun
and I crashed into a ditch
and snapped my leg in half
and the helmet flew off
did you know that if you hit your head hard enough
everything before and after will feel like a dream?
and that's when it all got darker
as a 15 year kid dying in West Texas
having lost his will to live 1 year earlier on a plane leaving California
waking up in an ambulance
remembering nothing but knowing two things.
My name is Kyle, something bad has happened.
Born again in a hospital bed
surrounded by strangers claiming to be family.
Leg bones snapped in half
then drilled with titanium
and the pain never went away
not for a second
you took all of my pain pills
you held the medical bills over my head
you told me that it was my fault that I crashed
and yes it was my fault
but I didn't buy the fucking bike
and I didn't want to ride the fucking bike
and you can say whatever you want
because I'm crippled now
and my memory is broken
and I have a headache that doesn't go away
but deep in this broken body of mine
there's a silence that speaks for itself
there's a sadness that doesn't hate itself anymore
there's a tear that refuses to fall
there's a hatred reserved only for you
there's a love born out of spite
a beautiful tortured brilliant love
with room for everyone but you my loving father
my loving oblivious father
sick brained hateful father
and me your victim limping away
from the scene of your crime
that was my childhood.

Kyle Dedalus
Kyle Dedalus
Feb 18, 2013

thank you everyone
that's found anything from my words
your support has made things
much more worth doing.

Kyle Dedalus
Kyle Dedalus
Nov 18, 2012

Hope doesn't perch.
Hope isn't a smiling face
among a dismal crowd.
Hope isn't the light at the end
of the tunnel.

Hope is when the crows
grow full from the carrion of
a dead lamb and rest.
Hope is when the old man
having forgotten himself years ago
falls asleep one last time.

Hope is everything you've needed
after you didn't need it anymore.
Hope is the time after the noose tightens
and before you fade away.

Kyle Dedalus
Kyle Dedalus
Nov 5, 2012

Leaves dying not dead burning orange and
burning red
only fall to freeze soon instead
not even the sun and the cirrus painting gold
a sky too tired hold
much anything but of black or blue
can free my mind from thoughts of you

cars grumble home fences rust a little
stray cat sleeps alone we laugh and giggle

but every Sunday has to end
and Saturn's people wonder
if they'll ever love again
for them night is only 5 days away
before the drinks are poured
and the people come out to play.

silence sounds like something
and the darkness never cries
they believe in everything
but the tedium never dies.

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