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Hello. Sup?
Hello. Sup?
5 days ago

true friendship is being able to stay up until 4am just talking and laughing about random things
it is having a very good time even without alcohol
most of all, time spent with true friends is never boring no matter what you're doing
because time spent with friends,
is time that is always going to be worth spending

it's the littlest of things that sometimes should matter the most
Jan 12

it is hard to not look back and wonder what happened to the things that you used to do; you used to love
but it becomes much harder when you realize that these things aren't actually things but people
people you used to talk to everyday
hang out with most of the time
and it is hard when one day you look around you and notice that most of them are gone
the people that used to be your constants
are now nowhere to be found

losing people is worse than losing something that can be bought again -- things. don't lose the people you love even if sometime they're a pain in the ass
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Dec 29, 2016

let us not forget this time of the year
this very special day
where we get to receive love and give love
without asking for it
where we get to share the blessing we've had the entire year
where we get to see strangers smile
simply because they are happy
let us not forget that no matter how painful 2016 was,
there is still this one day,
one day where it is still acceptable to smile and be happy despite our endeavors

i'm 4 days late but i'm still wishing everyone a happy holiday :)
Dec 26, 2016

we've got to realize our worth
we're all diamonds
but we don't have to overdo it
one shiny rock can be enough
too much is too bright
too risky; it can even cause damage

#love   #life   #worth   #greed   #diamonds  
Dec 20, 2016

i am crying for all the children killed, injured, traumatized, orphaned because of this war
i am crying for all the mothers and fathers who lost a child, a sibling, a friend
my heart aches for all of you
i am crying
we all are
but we've got to stop
crying will get them nowhere
stand up. help. fight. pray.
spread the news
spread every article
write. read.
the more people that know, the more chances Syria has of surviving
the more people that know, maybe just maybe our own government will start taking an action

#love   #war   #life   #help   #give   #city   #syria   #un   #aleppo   #unitednations  
Nov 26, 2016

stuck between two people?
if you don't know who you love more, then find out who you can't bear to see hurting the most
maybe you'll get your answer
and may that answer make you whole again

#love   #life   #stuck   #hurting   #choose  
Nov 25, 2016

someone tell me
someone wake me
someone slap me
someone make me
someone pull me
back to reality
someone help me
help me open my eyes

for ya'll people stuck in make believe
#life   #reality   #fantasy   #believe   #make  
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