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Feb 26

when you love someone
there are no ifs, no buts
no maybes, no whys
you just love them
and you love them with all of your heart

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Feb 18

it doesn't matter what two people have had when something breaks them apart
it doesn't matter who loved who more
it doesn't matter if it was all just a game
because at the end of the day, one knew pain
one was hurt
one was left alone,
and miserably questioning what went wrong.

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Feb 12

why do you need someone to always be there for you when you can be there for yourself?
you are given two feet so you could stand on your own ground
you are given two hands so you could write your own fate and destiny
stop whining that nobody's ever there for you.
stand up.
be strong.

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how sad is it that some authorities chose to close their doors on people who need a place to stay
they chose to oust people who have been nothing but ordinary, tax-paying citizens of their countries
they chose to rip apart humanity and they chose to generalize who people are based on their race, on their color and not on their values and morality
it is sad when people who do nothing but strive for a better life are being accused of crimes they didn't commit in the first place
it is sad especially when children who had been forced to live through falling bombs and airstrikes are now going to be forced to live the same fate again
it is deeply saddening what this world is turning into
and it is even more saddening to think about the world my children, my children's children could possibly live in

thoughts about everything that is going on right now
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Jan 18

true friendship is being able to stay up until 4am just talking and laughing about random things
it is having a very good time even without alcohol
most of all, time spent with true friends is never boring no matter what you're doing
because time spent with friends,
is time that is always going to be worth spending

it's the littlest of things that sometimes should matter the most
Jan 12

it is hard to look back and wonder what happened to the things that you used to do; you used to love
but it becomes much harder when you realize that these things aren't actually things but people
people you used to talk to everyday
hang out with most of the time
and it is hard when one day you look around you and notice that most of them are gone
the people that used to be your constants
are now nowhere to be found

losing people is worse than losing something that can be bought again -- things. don't lose the people you love even if sometime they're a pain in the ass
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Dec 29, 2016

let us not forget this time of the year
this very special day
where we get to receive love and give love
without asking for it
where we get to share the blessing we've had the entire year
where we get to see strangers smile
simply because they are happy
let us not forget that no matter how painful 2016 was,
there is still this one day,
one day where it is still acceptable to smile and be happy despite our endeavors

i'm 4 days late but i'm still wishing everyone a happy holiday :)
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