Everything about life. Doing whatever counts. Living a worthwhile
Everything about life. Doing whatever counts. Living a worthwhile

the ground is a rock
but a sponge
on which I bounce,
along strings of rubber
faint elasticity
dragged between seconds
this silent planet
my lone soul

the flowers are on the grave
the whispers of the living
black scarfs
feathered hats,
the shadows of hate
standing around your halo
in black coats and long dresses
watching the fall of the sun

Their tongues hymn empathy,
but spit darts of poison
with their feigned smiles,
the scent of your soul
the blood from your heart,
clotted within their nails
so I know,
that before the next sunrise,

shall they come after me
with shinning scythes,
under a hollow moon,
like grey hounds,
their beastly nails tearing the ground beneath
to face this heart of a dark soul
blackened by rage

the monster I have become
with every breath from my lungs
the power in my blood
the fall of a star,
into an abyss of vengeance
with the sun still after a twilight
casting a shadow of death,
over their foul faces

#anger   #hate   #death   #revenge  

This sacrifice for a dream
Screams thoughts of what I must cast
                    into the sea

       My heart is lost of love
But vengeance
      And anger
        I see the moon
                                      Not the sun
           walk a dark path
   With an admiration for my shadow

        The only family I know
    With the night inside my heart
         The friends in my head

     When darkness is all I have
             My Nightmares to cherish
           If God went North
                              And left my soul,
                                       On a boulevard,
         Under these sinking skies

#sad   #life   #pain   #religion   #dark   #spiritual   #religious  

When what we see is real,
We sculpt perfection

Refined chimeras,  
Hunt us by night,

Masked behind shadows,
Of trees along the road to a cemetery

The lady in a white dress,
Bare feet, boiling skin

Her long dark hair
Slutty all over her face

And a butcher's knife,
Shining under a moonlight

That is not blood, right?
And why is she walking this way?

Am awake

A tapestry of mosaics,
Of Autumn leaves,

Floating down calm waters
rays of a morning sun

The lady in a black dress,
Out the river of youth

Her crystal skin,
With a radiant smile

Colourful eyes,
And wet golden hair,

Down her shoulders,
With splashing waters

As she walks towards me,
And lo,

Am awake,
This time,

For real
Am I happy or sad?

#dreams   #dark   #gothic   #nature   #beauty   #fantasy   #horror   #nightmares  

She was a beauty,
Fairness glowed in her youth
Her crystal skin,
And a thumping heart
The eyes of innocence,
With her breath of life
She exhaled into me

"Please have my soul"
Her veil of virginity
Robe of purity
Torn off her flesh
But a black lingerie,
Which she held onto
Her left hand across her chest

A shame of Eden
Beneath a rising sun,
A radiance of true beauty
The art of a Potter's hand,
With her perfect curves,
A Queen to sit,
On the throne of hearts

We laid silent,
In a bed of Wolf's skin,
Staring at the white ceiling
Her dark hair spread all over
Cuddling in the white fur
Like a goddess
A goddess

This loop in my mind,
Her fragrance filled in my lungs
Her silhouettes flashing in my dreams,
These beautiful nightmares,
And the echoes of her melodic voice
When we rolled, in a garden of roses

#love   #beauty   #adult  

Bleed my scars,
I love the way you lie
Rip my heart open,
Do you love the way I cry?

You grip my neck,
Chocking my soul,
With all the strength in you
Gathered within your little fingers

An aching in your heart,
Piercing through the red in your eyes
The tears of silence,
A monster you have become

Quench your thirst,
On my blood,
Skin my flesh,
And heal your cold

Devour me,
look into my heart,
Watch my soul wane,
As I fade behind shades of darkness

Another memory on your slates,
A name on a wall,
In the cave of your mind,
Playing, the Queen of spades

And why now?
Oh! You do care i see,
Breathing like a mad bull,
Oh wait, they are always crazy

But suddenly calm, hm!
A cow and a goddess
Sobbing on my chest,
Do you love the way it hurts?

You bleed when I bleed
Smile when I look into your heart,
And weak when I breath on your neck
So I see, this,
Another mad love

#love   #life   #happy  

Sometimes I feel lost,
Like am living in a shadow,
Of ghosts from my past,
Walking around an eight,
With my head low,
Dragging my sore feet,
My hands loosely hanging
Drowning in waves of blurry ambitions

Did i dream too big?!

The flames of my yesterday,
A gun loaded,
In her hands,
Within her quivering fingers
The blood on my chest
This hole in my heart,
The anguish of my soul

Did I care so much?!

#love   #sad   #life   #death   #lost   #marriage  

Strained lines on her face,
Tears wash away her makeup
Sobs a broken heart

#love   #sad   #life   #pain   #senryu  
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