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Behold! Upon my ledge sat a bird of Sun
with feathers that matched it's rays,
And wings that could cut the Sky.

I sat and watched in awe at Thee
as a boy would watch a fair maiden,
wondrous my thoughts led me astray.

With a hopeful eye and a sinful hand
I caged Thee where Thy stand,
And upon my ledge you would stay.

Seasons passed and I was happy still
but my maiden of Sun grew dim,
Her light was setting her rays fading.

I knew I could not keep Thee
for Thine beauty was pure,
So I let her go I let her soar.

I watched on no longer a boy
now a man with nothing,
But a feather of Sun...

If you love something, let it go.

I stand in front of a runaway train,
The feeling breaths life once again.
I speak with lips of a dry pale,
words are found from my own inner Hell.
Stillness of roots coursing through my vein,
Plants me firmly within the pain.
Forged in a land so far away,
Carried by a weary heart until this day.
And the mind of man is one of fickle,
Lost within it's own pleasures-
through cracked bricks, depression trickles.
Raining down like a feverish blight,
Consuming Thy flesh unable to fight.
Faces mix and the same voices sing,
Not a different tune, from the bell shall ring.
Sweaty hands and weak knees plea,
Wishing for a normality that shall never be.
Cold, I see the Reaper's hand,
My shadowy Mistress beckons her man.
I take the walk that many have taken,
Cracks in the ground, as the Earth is shaken.
Blood in my wake, peace upon the path,
Down on my knees, I accept the Holy's wrath.
Words said and actions done,
They leave me now with the setting Sun.
And as I lay, into the Earth I seep,
Bury me now, where the Angels shall weep.

Sounds of a foreign city fills my ear,
I kept my promise through this long year.
I've held you in my arms, I told you I would,
I want to stay forever, if only I could.
I know I'm not the man that you thought,
But you'll never know, for you, how hard I fought.
I've seen the beauty in your eye,
Like the brightest star that shines up high.
I've felt the beauty in your hair,
Like warm silk that I'd take anywhere.
When you held my hand for the first time,
A feeling that no words could rhyme.
And when you kissed me, took my breath away,
I felt like I had done it, found love forever in a day.
I want to be with you, through all our grey shades,
I meant when I first said "I'll love you forever and always."

Like a dream within a dream, I dare chase the Sun.

Petals wilt and fall from my soul
as I chase a dream set as a goal.
My pen writes with the ink of blood,
coming forth in a loving flood.
The Angel in black with skin so pure
willingly, I give forevermore.
Determined, with my chin held high,
I close my eyes and kiss the sky.
I'll seal my heart and mail it off,
And to the flame, like a moth.
You are the one I see at night,
when my weary head wakes with fright.
A shaky hand wipes my brow,
as I sit back and wonder how...
You found me in a pit so low,
Not knowing how far the Darkness would go.
In just three days, my courage will shine through...
In just three days, I'll stand before you.

Don't make a girl a promise if you know you can't keep it.

A moonlit twilight takes my mind,
ponder a thought when lost for time.

My ocean of you, aloft a soapy bed,
your waves crash above my head.
Leaving me breathless as I fall,
into your depths to experience it all.
Motionless, adrift in your grace,
my imperfect storm, I'd give chase.
As long as there's time in the weather,
I'll always love Thee, forever and ever.

I can't change who I am, but I can change who I will become...
And I can't ever imagine a world without you, without my setting sun.

So take me gently out to sea,
and from there, happy forever I'll be.


Oh! What a beautiful doll I've found!
Hair as fair as the nightly sky,
with porcelain skin and olive eyes!

Placed upon these dusty shelves,
bathed in black my madness swells!
Oh! Dance with me this Doll of mine,
until we sing with ale and wine!

And at last when our song is done,
is when my Doll's inanity had begun!
Oh! She's so lovely in so many ways!
I could be taken by her eyes for days.

The broken Doll with imperfections so pure...
Could sooth my black heart, that's for sure!

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Joshua Hobbs
Joshua Hobbs
Dec 27, 2016

The lonesome wolf with eyes aglow
into the hills, he would go.
At last, he had found the dinner bell,
when a young huntress, he did smell.

His hatred fueled by rage within,
as the raindrops did begin.
Nature's song that filled the night,
A dark cloak that would hide his bite.

Following close and following near,
his attack would come from the rear.
The Huntress with beauty and grace,
was surely a gift to her race.

The wolf did see this as he pounced,
when a snare came unannounced.
It tore his hide oh so deep,
and the vicious wolf began to weep.

The Huntress swiftly turned around,
when she saw the wolf a bound.
He was sad with a tear in his eye,
for surely this would be how he died.

Smiling away, to the rope she cut,
breaking free this weeping mut.
The Wolf paused with a stupid mug,
when upon him she placed, a loving hug.

From then on he was no longer alone
by her side, his sins would atone.

She's the star that guides me.
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