The Beach, NC   
The crowd applauded the fiddler
-- as he rosined up his bow
and they cheered him on steadily
-- until the banjo stole the show.
The crowd applauded the fiddler
-- as he rosined up his bow
and they cheered him on steadily
-- until the banjo stole the show.
7 days ago

I should have listened to sound advice
But I went back, not once but twice
I called her honey
She took my money
The punishment was worth the price

Mar 14

It's 9:00 am, and I can't get a damn thing done,
I'm sure it's because you're stuck in my head;
messing around up there,
exploring in places you need to stay out of.
I thought after the last time you agreed it would be the last.

I bet you'll be back tomorrow.

My thought on this day last year.
Mar 13

Fighting sleep for no reason other than fear of breaking tradition,
A tradition of not sleeping.
Makes me wonder why I ever stopped in the first place.
I wish I had an answer,
But like so many others who suffer from this disorder
I don’t.

I swear my eyes are closed, the lights are off and the drapes are pulled
Nothing here to keep me awake
Except for the fear of sleeping
Fear of what I see when my mind shuts down and subconscious takes over.
But, what am I afraid of?
I wish I knew.  But I don’t -- never have.  

If I did have a clue
I would surely write about it.

#fear   #sleep   #insomnia  
Mar 13

Standing on a mountain top
looking for my home.
The rolling hills,
green with tobacco are gone,
cleansed from the earth.
Now I see bare slopes
and muddy ground,
peeled away one layer at a time.

I look for my home
but there is nothing here to see.

Thoughts of my great grandfather's farm in Kentucky that was sold to strip miners when I was a child.
#home   #coal   #mining   #stripmine  
Mar 13

Yesterday I hit my son with a golf ball
Today I hit him with a snowball
Tomorrow we're playing baseball

If you don't like the weather
wait 20 minutes

If you don't like getting hit with round, white balls
keep your ass inside
or learn how to duck and catch

Yesterday I played golf in shorts and today it snowed.
I also pounded my kids with snowballs, just because it's fun.
Mar 13

It snowed today
not a remarkable event
The weather does not impress me
Even as the grass turns green
and the azaleas bloom
I know they will die again next year
But today I wiped the snow
from the lid of my charcoal grill
opened a beer and lit the coals
The snow on my patio melted
uncovering the yellow film of pollen
and I was reminded that spring came early
and this year there will be no flowers in April.

Yep, my azalea bushes all bloomed a few weeks ago and today it snowed.  I wonder what Spring will look like this year.
#flowers   #winter   #spring   #snow   #beer  
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