Celebrating the universe through poetic verse.
Transmitting from an open heart
the beat of phonetic, cosmic art.

All poems are my original works.
Copyright J.M. 2008 - 2017 all rights reserved
Celebrating the universe through poetic verse.
Transmitting from an open heart
the beat of phonetic, cosmic art.

All poems are my original works.
Copyright J.M. 2008 - 2017 all rights reserved
Jamadhi Verse
Jamadhi Verse
5 days ago

I can’t shake the feeling
that when I look out into life,
life is actually looking in.
Peering into my mirror eyes
to find out where it’s been --

to see itself and understand
the ways in which it lives
as a universe consigned
to the confines of mere mind.

Willingly it dons this brute disguise
of soft and shivering skin.
To realize its deepest truth inside
life creates forms to go within.

J.M. 2017

Look outwards and feel the exceptional, heightened awareness that surrounds you.

Bestow me your hungry, holy touch.
Let me feel my body and mind lifted
high within your covetous clutch.
Let everything that I am be
your everything enough,
in the surrender of my ascent.
Love me in ways that will make
the Earth blush when she finds
I stand upon her again.

J.M. 2017

It is through music alone
that I allow myself to weep,
that I allow myself to think
clearly about that which hurts,
about that which I am always averse to.

It is through music alone
that I allow myself to see
the broken, neglected parts of me,
the relationships that need to be
remembered and so mended.

It is through music alone
that I am finally set free
from thoughts that circle incessantly,
long enough to glimpse the rest of me
and feel life flowering within my body.

It is through music alone
that I become a conduit for bliss --
filled with all the joy that I so often remiss.
Wishing to fall to my knees and gently kiss
the beautiful earth that forever holds me.

It is music notes alone
that have always truly known me --
never failing to show me how to be myself.
Collectively, they breach the depths I've so rarely felt
without the help of their warm waves of resonance.

Music is reverence.
It is worship, love, and peace.
And it rolls and unfolds inside of me
with a tremendous, holy ease.

It is then that I cease to be anything,
but a feeling within a song
as I reach a crescendo inside of me
that carries me straight along
through every birth, death, and rest
between each and every note played.
Until at last I grasp the vastness of me --
finding the music has shook me

J.M. 2017

I do not create my own music,
but in listening, I worship.
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I feel you as a ghost -- deeply close,
wed somewhere far within.
I feel you living, shimmering along
the static edge of my enduring spirit
in electric phosphorescence.
Where tender muscle and flesh
tether and mesh, latch and connect
with bone to construct a home --
create a fleeting vehicle for my soul
to navigate this immense cathedral of life.
To filter in perceptions and feel the power
of the physical light that pierces through
the colorful windows of the mandala of my mind.

It blooms into ceaseless fractals –
repetitive, reactive patterns built upon
the complex fragments of both you and I
combined, slicing through time, reverberating
outwards through expansive space.
We are an exalted eternity of opening
and collapsing gates to the never-ending
center of this unfathomable plane.

I feel you as a ghost -- so deeply close.
Where all philosophy fails to breach.
Resting secretly where neither brain
nor name could ever truly reach.
Where heart and instinct ultimately meet
and give their gifts blissfully to
the soft sheets of nothingness.
It is there that we rest as
bated, staggered breath.
That holy jewel in hidden chest --
so lustrous in its loveliness
it completely outshines the beautiful,
dividing, shapeless outlines of each other.

Unified, we become a godly, static shudder --
a vibration that contracts, begets like mother—
delivering dreaming worlds that spin away, asunder,
blinded with joy as they find themselves born.

J.M. 2017

Thanks to all for the tremendously kind and enthusiastic comments and the endless support you have shown my work through your reads. You bestow my pieces a life and depth that they cannot hold on their own. Thank you for being such reactive and beautiful elements within this Jamadhiverse. As we all expand, so does it. I am ever grateful.<3
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If you wish
to see my beauty --
wish to see
the exact point
where sorrow,
joy, and breath
commune in me --
you need look
no further
than the reflection
of your own self.
Therein lies
my compassion,
my astonishment,
the embodiment
of everything
I have ever

J.M. 2017

With all my awe, love, and gratitude to those I share this flash of time with.

Some of the greatest feelings come over me
as I look upon the light passing through the trees.
I am compelled to contemplate
the mystery of the symmetry
between the beauty and the beholder,
while I witness the electric kiss
between the physical and the solar --
that place where the lips part
and the shudder starts
as the vibration of each gets closer.

What lies unseen between the solid divide
of matter and all else that is veiled?
The jeweled eye of the untouched sky
formless and without scale,
swooping downwards in great exhale
to envelope the elemental world.
Watch how it swirls with longing to wed
every dense and impermeable edge.
Watch how it wishes to spread and infuse itself
within every material center.
This electrical, ethereal, life-giving specter
breathing its being into all objects,
invading with its flow to guide all that grow
so that they can be something far greater than solid.
So that all can harvest the dimensional knowledge
that is to be both matter and force --
to know the right times to stand firm inside
and when to let go and grant life its course.

What a wealth of treasure, this alchemical splendor
of the perceptible and the source.
The pure space between objects, invisible yet optic
for mind and body to explore.
What more could one want when seeking reverence
than the overwhelming, yet every day presence
of the depth surrounding you and all life?
The distance between the molecules unseen,
an emptiness that deceives as it breathes
in plain sight.

J.M. 2017

Give attention to the space between you and all other things. Quiet your mind and deeply feel how alive it is. Stand beneath a tree and find yourself lost in the immense layers of living depth that lie between every branch as your eyes move upward. Feel the buzzing life within these spaces and in the spaces within you. Extend yourself into all things. Feel yourself ring.

Anxiety is a furious storm,
brewed and born
beneath the shade
of the cage of your ribs.
A mere heartbeat between
the dread of the unseen
and what reality truly is.
I've lived too many years
focusing with fear just in case
all is about to break,
without ever learning
that to truly unburden,
you mustn't lend worry
the time nor the strength.

J.M. 2017

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