i wish i understood
the physics of your smile
how forces of motion
push the corners up
against gravity.

if i knew
maybe i could produce such a smile
or at the very least
get to see light refracting
in your blue eyes.

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  Feb 22  hisladylove
Unrequited Love

I wanted him.

I wanted him more than anything.

Every fiber of my body was attracted to this boy.

And I believed every lie he told me, about him wanting me.

Long story short.

He didn't want me at all.

I'm just absolutely broken.
Jun 28, 2016

i despise being pigeon-holed.
seeing myself through the circular looking glass
having one singular personality trait
based solely on my physicalities and class.

that's my descriptor
has been since I was a child
but I would walk miles to escape that word.

i am as multi-faceted as a kaleidoscope
i need no rope from another to pull myself
from the ashes of my failures

do not question my abilities because I have the eyes of a doe
or the body of woman.

i can move mountains with my hands and create worlds with my fingertips
hours of song can escape my lips
riddles and mathematic equations lay not in my hips
but in my mind.

i despise being pidgeon-holed
for my worth does not equate to my weight
and the space I'm allotted on this Earth does not count my appearance as a deciding factor
my strength as a human being does not relate to my gender
so you need not distract her
for she has goals ranging up to the sky
and down to the bottom of the sea
I am a woman and I will be free
of being pidgeon-holed.

Feb 27, 2016

her relationships always end in fire
it's nothing to admire
passion is a weak foundation for love.

it wears down easily and burns too quick
volatile personalities that should not mix
like a match and wood.

i have seen her way
dark feelings held at bay
great when good and awful when bad.

Beautiful fire can take away a breath
but I'd rather have a cold death
than a hot one.

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  Feb 27 2016  hisladylove
Feb 8, 2016

Her face
is a map of Winter.
Palest skin,
with Spring's
hopeful crocus eyes

and lips like holly berries.
Her hair blows
like a blizzard
from unkempt
distant Celtic roots.

She watches
Winter's stars,
In 'Winter's Circle'.

When the air is sharp
and snow glistens
more resplendent
than the most
diaphanous crystal,
she dangles decisions
on Orion's belt,
and shivers silently
in her Wintery skin,

every breath...
Each one
turns to mythical fog,
it is lost,
in a Universe
of light and dark,
of sparkle and depth,

how one breath...
one thought...
can be both
and grandiose,
both free and bound.

The stars illuminate
shining only quietude.

Feb 8, 2016

hiding in the darkness of closed eyelids
on the brink of spilling off of my tongue
i was once as naive as those silly kids
but from errors come consequences.

i forgive myself, i think
desire for some semblance of relief.
but i am on the brink
i know not how to forget.

for once i wish my memory was not so tightly wound
like a coil to never be unbound
i wish to move on
but i am scared that my mistakes follow me.

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Jan 30, 2016

It should not hurt.
My throat should not burn so ardently
Eyes furiously watery
When I see you with her.

I know not of your intricacies
Of your family
Of your history
And yet my heart has claimed you
A person to whom I would stay true
If given the chance.

This pain is not logical.
I side with my brain over heart
Yet it overrides that part
When I think of your hair
The color of sand
The shape of your hand
Which would fit so perfectly over mine.

It should not hurt so
But I am not whole
My mind is confused
And my heart is in control.

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