3 days ago

Abandoned by my maker,
I braved the world alone,
Following my destiny,
To make it on my own.

Driven by potential,
The journey has been long,
Battered by adversity,
Adventure made me strong.

Do not try to own me,
My spirit must be free,
I'm nobody's plaything,

A tribute to one of my favourite books when I was growing up: "Paddle to the Sea", by Holling Clancy Holling.

Jun 12

A tavern full of bawdy song,
Wenches serving beer,
Dark words about the castle,
Where virgins disappear...

Lightning strikes the battlements,
The villagers take fright,
A coffin lid creaks open
As howling fills the night.

Carriages and horses,
Bodices and hats,
Screaming from the forest,
Demons, wolves and bats.

Lots of bouncing bosoms,
Blood and guts galore,
Ghosts and ghouls and skeletons,
And corpses by the score.

But now the hero fights back,
With crucifix and stake,
And evil is defeated,
As dawn begins to break.

Re-posted to mark the death of Sir Christopher Lee. I know he played many other roles in his career, but for me, he will always be Count Dracula!

May 23

Many characters came and went,
Since nineteen seventy eight,
But you were the very first one,
To walk through Grange Hill's gate.

RIP Terry Sue Patt (1964-2015)

Terry was one of the original cast of the children's TV series "Grange Hill". Playing the football-mad character Benny Green, he was actually the first of the pupils to appear on screen. Later in life, Terry worked as an artist.

May 2

Cut the head off a toothbrush
And place it on the ground
Add a motor and a battery
And watch it run around...

I made some bristlebots for my son. I have to confess that I was rather more impressed than he was!
Apr 18

Come to Craggy Island,
With its field and Holy Stone,
Drop in on the parochial house,
You'll never feel alone.

Ted has a weakness for money,
Regardless of the amount,
If you give him some cash for charity,
It'll "rest" in his account.

If you fancy having a cup of tea,
Or perhaps a cake or scone,
Let Mrs Doyle take care of you,
Go on, go on, GO ON!

Dougal has a heart of gold,
But not much in his head,
So if you're planning a funeral,
Find a different priest instead...

It's true that Jack enjoys a drink,
And shouting "Feck" and "Arse",
But on "ecumenical matters",
He's the top man in his class.

There's lots of other folk to meet,
So pay us a visit one day
Just sail towards what's left of our coast,
Before it drifts away.

20th birthday tribute for the classic sit-com, Father Ted.

Mar 29

He asks about the missing hour,
And where it could have gone,
We try to reassure him,
It'll turn up later on.

Master Higgs got very concerned last night when he saw us putting the clocks forward.
Mar 20

Patiently, we waited,
In large, expectant crowds,
On cue, the Moon obscured the Sun,
But we couldn't see a thing for clouds.

I hope others had a better view.
I saw bugger all.
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