4 days ago

Thank you for the shows you made,
When I was still a teen.
Your name promised excitement,
Whenever it appeared on screen.

But of all the classic characters,
That I'd like to thank you for,
I'd have to pick Wilma Deering,
And those costumes that she wore.

A short tribute to Glen A Larson, who died last week. He is responsible for many of the classic TV shows from my childhood, including Battlestar Galactica, Magnum PI, The Fall Guy and Knight Rider. However, the show that really sticks in my mind to this day is Buck Rogers In the 25th Century. I think this may have had something to do with the gorgeous Erin Gray and her rather tight fitting uniform...

Sep 20

Strangers from different places,
They wed in a tropical clime,
It may be a rocky marriage,
But it's lasted for quite some time.

Politics aside, the story of how Scotland and England came to be joined together is fascinating. It is believed that this geological "Act of Union" occurred about 425 million years ago, in the Southern Hemisphere.

Aug 20      Aug 21

He lays them on the table,
Works magic with his knife,
Gives those without a future,
A brand new lease of life.

I've just been watching a feature about the paper sculptor Justin Rowe. He makes beautiful works of art from old, unwanted books. Fascinating.

Aug 4

Lethal and abundant crop.
No sign that it will ever stop.

Aug 2

I know she's on the heavy side,
She's slow and grinds her teeth.
Some say she tends to undermine,
Makes trouble underneath.

But I think she's amazing,
The way she works all day,
Pushing ever forward,
Through gravel, chalk and clay.

At the heart of London's Crossrail Project are the eight Tunnel Boring Machines: Ada, Phyllis, Victoria, Elizabeth, Mary, Sophia, Jessica and Ellie.

Jul 26

If ever I should find myself,
Condemned upon death row,
Then I want death by Snu Snu,
It's the only way to go.

Screwed by Amazonians,
A bittersweet demise,
Buried in their bosoms,
And crushed between their thighs.

I want death by Snu Snu,
As hot and energetic as
My nethers will allow.

Breathlessly, I'll battle,
A plaything for their lust,
Unrelenting Snu Snu,
Until I bite the dust.

And if, by chance, you come across,
My final resting place,
You'll find me lifeless, drained and spent,
With a big grin on my face.

A poetic tribute to one of my favourite Futurama episodes, "Amazon Women in the Mood".

Jul 17

Record-breaking boats and cars,
That shared a classic name.
Futuristic marvels,
That brought the Campbells fame.

Fifty years ago today, Donald Campbell broke the land speed record in the Bluebird CN7. A few months later, he also claimed the speed record on water in the Bluebird K7. He remains the only man in history to have broken both records in the same year. The Bluebird name had previously been used by his father, Sir Malcolm Campbell, on various record breaking cars. The name is still used today by his nephew Don Wales, who holds records for electric and steam powered vehicles.


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