Hannah Rogers
Hannah Rogers
2 days ago

you would never think
that you and i had a past
the way we pass each other in the hall
without even looking
or even realizing that the other is there
if you didn't know us
who we used to be
you wouldn't know
that he and i
we used to be best friends
and then we lost it all
we lost the connection
or maybe it was never there
but we thought it was
but anyone who sees us now
will never know that we have history
that we used to spend weekends and road trips together
because when we pass in the hall
there is no eye contact
or any spark of interest
just a memory of our history

Hannah Rogers
Hannah Rogers
3 days ago

day after day
i promised you
i would never leave
now as i sit alone
broken and shattered
i wish i had asked you
to promise me too

Hannah Rogers
Hannah Rogers
3 days ago

I stepped into the scalding shower
too numb to feel the heat
and i scrubbed everything
attempting to erase the memory of you
but as i clawed and i scraped
you were still there
and every time i closed my eyes
i could see you
engraved in my eyelids
forever haunting me and my broken heart

been a bad day my dude
Hannah Rogers
Hannah Rogers
7 days ago

i don't know what it was that drew me to her
it could've been her courage to speak to me
or her love of the music she was dancing to
but i was drawn to her
all her beauty and strength
she was intriguing
and with every second we spent together
the excitement of something new drew me in
the exhilaration of something new excited me
and it gave me a new sense of thrill
that i'd never felt before
i was never fearful for i knew i was safe with her
she only brought me newness and thrill

i've had major writers block as of late so im just trying to write it out.  please just bear through it, this isnt my best but i don't think its too terrible. maybe its just my optimism speaking

You would never think
that someone so young
could deal with such demons
speaking such foul things in their ears
You would never think
that someone so young
could feel as though
no one loves them
and that there's no place for them
in this world
You would never think
that someone so young
could deal with such a horrible thing
that is a mental illness
because mental illnesses
effect everyone no matter the age

I was having a heart to heart with one of my best friends today and we started talking about when we started noticing our mental illnesses that effect everything in our lives.  And we realized that we were incredibly young, and that it has definitely impacted our personalities and our reactions to things around us.  And i think that there should be more awareness for youngsters going through that, and that parents should be taught the signs for mental illnesses.

On days like this,
when music from my many playlists
is the only thing keeping me going
i realize how much it
has helped me develop as a person
music has always been a large part of my life
but in these past few years
it has been one of the few things
that have stayed constant through everything
through friendships ending, deaths, anxiety, depression,
and the roller coaster that life has been
music is something that i have always turned to in my dark hours
to lift my spirits and make me smile
and when i'm happy i turn on my music
because it's something i always looked forward to
and I've come to realize
that music has helped me grow
taught me that however i'm feeling is ok
and with this i've learned how to understand and accept myself
and also connect with people on a more personal level
and gain deeper friendships
so music has been a huge part of my life
and i admire the artists i listen to
for being able to plant the seeds of people
and be able to watch them grow

I know she'll never believe me
But when she laughs with nutella on her face
She looks absolutely gorgeous
Because she's happy down to her bones
And it's moments like those
I realize how much I love her
And how lucky I am to have her in my life
Because she's gorgeous and amazing and brave
She's everything i could've ever asked for
And when she laughs
I feel the sound get saved into my soul
And when she smiles like that
I know
I will always and forever
Love the girl with nutella on her face

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